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Drinking Game / Laguna Beach

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Drinking game for Laguna Beach:

  • Take a shot every time someone says "like".
  • Take a shot every time someone says "whatever".
  • Take a shot every time Lauren says "Thank you!"
  • Take a shot each time Kristin says "This is dunzo!"
  • Down your drink every time an example of Spoiled Brat is seen in the series.
  • Take two shots each time Jason cheats on a female member of the cast.
  • Take a half-shot during each montage/transitional scene.
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  • Take a half-shot every time a female character is seen sunbathing.
  • Take a shot for every obviously scripted scene that tries and fails to play out as if it happened in real life.
  • Take two shots whenever a female character's vehicle breaks down and they call their parents for help.
  • Take three shots whenever the main cast goes to party in Cabo. Add an additional shot if a female character decides to pole-dance.
  • Take a shot every time a character mispronounces the name of a foreign food (e.g. "foie gras").


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