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Drinking Game / Kiseki Series

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For the franchise as a whole:

  • Down the entire bottle whenever Ouroboros wins, or at least gets what they want.
  • Take a shot whenever you complete a quest.
    • Take another shot if the quest involves finding a missing cat or fixing orbal machinery.
  • Down the entire glass when you complete a chapter.
  • Take a shot if you meet Bleublanc or have to do a quest related to his thieving antics. The thieving quest stacks with the above rule.
    • Take another shot if he appears in disguise.
    • Take another shot if you have to fight him.
    • Take two shots if he appears in his default form but with no mask.
  • Take a shot for every character who have other names (like Silver Streak for Scherazard, Heavy Blade for Agate, etc.). Since Falcom has a hobby of including this, make sure to have a fresh liver ready to be transplanted.
    • Two shots if it's unplayable character.
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    • Down the bottle if the person themselves doesn't appear in the game their name is mentioned.
  • Take a tiny little sip whenever a character's CP increases be it from getting a turn, hitting enemies, getting hit by enemies, CP-increasing accessories, crafts or items/food (you can choose up to two conditions if you want to prevent your untimely death). Multiple characters getting CP simultaneusly counts as one sip unless you're a masochist.
  • Take a shot when a human boss pulls The Battle Didn't Count in the following cutscene.
  • Take a shot if the second game of the arc has the protagonist escaping from captivity.
  • Down an entire bottle when the game pulls off a Wham Episode. Prepare a few livers for this.




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