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Drinking Game / Jackie Chan Adventures

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  • Take a shot every time Jackie says "Bad day."
    • Take 2 shots if someone else says it.
  • Take a small sip every time Uncle slaps Jackie. SMALL SIPS.
    • Take half a sip if it's someone else.
  • Take a small sip every time Uncle says "One more thing." As in "just barely qualifies for a sip" small.
  • Take a shot whenever Uncle begins chanting "Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao!"
  • Take a drink every time Jade says "Tch."
  • Take a sip every time Jade ignores instructions and/or interprets them creatively.
  • When Uncle gets the willies, take a drink.
  • Take a shot every time Jade messes something up for her own gain.
    • Take 2 shots when she's messing up to try and help the greater good.
  • When marathoning, take a shot every time a recurring character (Viper, El Toro, Paco, etc.) is a major part of the plot. Do not take one shot for each character; just for the episode.
  • When El Toro and Paco appear, take a sip every time Paco praises his idol.
    • Take an actual shot if Paco and Jade start arguing over whether El Toro or Jackie is better.
  • Take a shot whenever the Enforcers fail their latest mission, and thus piss off their current boss.
  • Take a shot every time a new artifact is revealed.
    • Take 2 shots whenever Jade gets her hands on it.
  • Take a shot every time Captain Black says, "Whoa Nelly."
  • Take a shot whenever Hak Foo names his next move.
    • Might be safer to do sips for this one. Small sips.
  • Take a shot every time Black is knocked out in a fight.
  • Take a sip every time the Enforcers complain about being enslaved to the dark forces.
  • Take extremely small sips every time the Ice Crew make funny sounds whenever fighting or speaking.
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  • Take a sip everytime a demon gets a tantrum when something goes wrong for them. SMALL SIPS, or you'll get liver damage.
  • When Jackie judges Viper because of her past, take a sip.
    • When anyone uses the counterargument 'ex-thief', take a follow-up sip.
  • Take a sip every time Drago makes a bad pun.
  • Take a sip every time Jackie reminds Jade he's not a secret agent he's an archaeologist.
  • Take a sip whenever Uncle says "Magic must defeat magic".
    • Take another if it's directed to Captain Black.
  • Take a sip whenever Uncle says "X not important!"
  • Whenever Mama Tohru and Uncle argue, SMALL. SIPS.
  • When Tohru complains about fish, take a shot.
    • Take 2 shots whenever they save him and/or the Chan Clan's life.
  • When Valmont talks about money, take a drink.
  • When Super Moose says "Antler Action!", take a shot.
  • Every time Section 13 is unhelpful in taking down a magical enemy, take a drink.
  • When El Toro mentions his mask, take a sip.
  • When Finn says "Shen-dude", "V-Man", "D-Man" or any variation of someone's name, take half of a shot.
  • Everytime Drew picks on Jade, take a drink.
    • If there happens to be a crowd around Drew, take another drink.
  • Whenever Jade gets in trouble at school, take a shot.
    • Take 2 shots if it's because of magic.
  • Take a drink when Po Kong talks about food.
  • Take a sip when Uncle has the willies.
    • Take 2 sips if it's Tohru in season 4.
  • When Uncle asks, "Do you want a piece of Uncle?", take a sip.
  • Take a sip when Uncle's solution for an issue is "research".
  • For every "Aiyah!" Uncle makes, TAKE MINISCULE SIPS.
  • Every time a bad guy wins and gets said episode's objective, take a drink.
  • For every 'yo', you hear from the Ice Crew, take a sip.
  • When Captain Black/Section 13 end up losing a battle involving magic, take a drink.
  • If El Toro or Paco mention anything dealing with Lucha Libre, sip.
  • For every "Bwah!" and chest thump Jackie does when he's startled by something, take a drink.
  • Drink when Jade does something sneaky and someone says, "Jaaaade. Explain."
  • When you hear Paco call Jade "Yade", take a sip.
    • Take a follow-up when she corrects him.
      • Take another one when El Toro does the same to Jackie.
  • Take extreme caution when sipping whenever a bad guy says 'Chan'.
  • Drink every time you spot the Dragon Talisman in season 5.
  • When the Shadowkhan show up (excluding season 4), take a sip.
  • Drink when Shen Du and Valmont bicker in season 2.
  • When El Toro mentions his mask, drink.
    • Follow up if Paco does this.
  • Every time the screen splits to show a group of people, take a barely-counting sip or you'll get liver damage.
  • In the survival lightning challenge, take half a shot for every "bad day", "one more thing", "duh", "tch", and "ow" in the forty seconds of the quick flashbacks in the episode Déjà Vu.
  • Drink every time Tarakudo appears out of nowhere from some sort of object.
  • Drink whenever you hear a proverb.
    • Two drinks if it sounds confusing to someone.

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