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Drinking Game / Italian Disney Mouse And Duck Comics

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Drinking game for Disney comics made in Italy being released nowadays on Topolino.

  • If the story is soccer-themed, take a drink.
  • If the plot revolves around aliens, take a drink.
  • If it's a "Donald and Fethry are spies working for Scrooge" story, take a drink.
  • It there is a "See Issue X" footnote in a panel, take a drink.
    • Take two if the linked issue is not the last one.
    • Take three if the linked issue is at least from 2 years ago.
    • If the footnote is not just "See Issue X" but something like "How could you not remember that? Check Issue X now and read that story again!", finish your drink.
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  • If a random character makes a joke about his Mother-in-law, take a drink.
  • If a scene involves background characters with unusual, outdated names (usually mentioned in casual dialogue between them), take a drink.
  • If the story features a blatant Take That! aimed at Italian TV shows, take a drink.
  • If you see some Parental Bonus, take a drink.
  • If a famous character's caricature falls straight in the Uncanny Valley, take a drink.
  • If the story revolves around the characters going into a foreign place, take a drink every time a side character speaks in the local language with footnotes translating.
    • Take two if the language is French.
  • If the story makes a Shout-Out to an older one, take a drink.
    • Take two if the Shout-Out is Scrooge quoting the "I dive around in [my money] like a porpoise!" line from Barks's Only a Poor Old Man.
  • If a character speaks in a "Foreign/alien language" that is clearly Milanese dialect written in a weird way, take a drink.
  • If a character breaks the fourth wall, take a drink.
    • If it's done by having the characters aknowledging the story is over and interacting with the "THE END" sign, take two.
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  • If the story starts with an altered status quo and then the narrator stops it with the "What the heck is happening? Let's go back to some days ago to get it...", take a drink.
  • If the story starts with a suspicious and forced monologue of one of the characters telling what just happened to set up the story, take a drink.
  • If an ecology-themed story features Hard Haid Moe suddendly loving being surrounded by people, in particular children, take a drink.
  • If "paper" (pronounced PAH-per) is used as faux-english for "duck", take a drink.
  • If there is a Shout-Out to Paperinik New Adventures, take a drink.
  • If you see a character who is not an anthropomorphic mouse, white-feathered bird, pig or dog, take a drink.
  • If you see a Doctor Who reference, take a drink.
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  • If a Time Travel story features someone stating that soccer is a dumb sport with no future, take a sip.
  • If a random one-shot character is named Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily or Robin, suit on and ensure that the subsequent sip will be legen... wait for it... dary.

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