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Drinking Game / Hogan's Heroes

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Since this is a show about POWs, you may want to consider using the product of a Military Moonshiner while playing. But then again, given the strength of such beverages, you could end up dying.

Take a shot if:

  • Sergeant Schultz says, "I knoooooowww nooooothing!"
    • If bribed with food to know nothing, two shots.
  • General Burkhalter or Major Hochstetter intimidate/insult Colonel Klink.
  • Colonel Klink falls for Colonel Hogan's flattery.
  • One of the prisoners sneaks out of camp (one shot for each prisoner to go).
  • Colonel Klink snaps to attention after answering the phone
    • If one of the Heroes is on the other end, two shots.
  • One of the Germans is threatened with being sent to the Russian front.
  • Corporal Newkirk calls up a German in his phoney German accent, and tricks him.
    • If the person fooled is Klink, two shots.
  • Hogan has a romantic interlude with a beautiful girl from the underground.
  • Colonel Klink relates how he's never had an escape from Stalag 13.
    • Make it a double if he's doing so to General Burkhalter.
  • Sergeant Schultz gives up a secret.
    • If bribed with food to give up the secret, two shots.
  • The prisoners listen to the Germans' conversation by a hidden transmitter.
  • Sergeant Schultz "captures" one of the prisoners after an escape.
  • LeBeau pronounces "colonel" the French way, as "cuh-loh-`nell".
  • Carter builds some kind of device.
    • If the device is not explosive, two shots.
  • LeBeau wears his apron. Two shots if he also wears his chef's hat.
  • Hogan says "We've got no choice" when the someone claims that the plan is impossible.
  • The prisoners capture an important German, and sneak him out the tunnel.
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  • Colonel Klink says "dis-missed!"

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