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Drinking Game / Hatoful Boyfriend

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  • Take a sip every time Sakuya says something racist.
    • Or if he calls someone a mongrel.
      • Two sips if it's Okosan.
  • Take a sip every time Shuu says "Hohoho".
  • Drink every time Sakuya says "Wh... what?"
  • Drink every time Ryouta is dressed as a girl.
    • Take two drinks if somebirdy else is dressed as a girl.
  • Drink for every Pokemon reference.
    • Two if it's made by someone other than Okosan.
  • Drink the first time Anghel calls everybirdie an alternate name.
    • Finish your drink if he refers to someone by their actual name.
  • Drink every time the game describes a bird holding something in his/her wing.
    • Two drinks if it uses the word "hand" rather than "wing".
  • Finish your drink if Miru & Kaku say anything other than "Merry Christmas!"
  • Take a shot if "The King was very scared."
    • Take two shots if "The King cried."
  • Drink when The King sprouts an extra head.
  • Finish your glass if the screen goes red.

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