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Drinking Game / Grand Blue

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Given the majority of the cast are already hardcore party drinkers, why not make the most out of it by joining them?

Take one shot if...

  • any scene features characters drinking in their underwear.
    • Take an extra shot if characters are drinking in the nude.
  • any scene features full body nudity, regardless of gender.
  • any scene features a character(s) exaggerating their facial reaction(s).
    • Take an extra shot if the character(s) over-exaggerate their facial expression(s) by crying or vomiting blood.
  • a character(s) awakens in their underwear after a night of drinking.
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  • a character's sexual orientation and/or sexuality is Discussed and/or questioned.
  • the resident Otaku cries out the name of his favorite Anime character ("RARAKO-TAN!!!").
  • the resident woman with a sister complex does something lewd or perverted with regards to her younger sister.
    • Take an extra shot if this woman's Yandere traits show up.
  • a character(s) puts on heavy make-up.
  • a character begs another character profusely.
    • Take an extra shot if a character begs in their underwear.
  • a character(s) Trolls another character(s).
  • a character bemoans not having lost his/her virginity yet.


Take two shots if...

  • someone is served "oolong tea" or "water" (actually alcohol in disguise) and drinks it.
    • Take an extra shot if someone tests the "oolong tea" or "water" by setting it on fire with a lighter.
  • any scene features two or more characters involved in a verbal misunderstanding between them.
    • Take an extra shot if a character(s) is physically beaten up or subjected to physical punishment/torture after the misunderstanding is cleared up.
  • an In-Universe Drinking Game is being played.

Take three shots if...

  • someone is served actual oolong tea or water.
  • someone talks about diving.
  • someone talks about a serious, non-diving topic.
  • characters actually spend time at the university doing their studies and/or working towards their graduate.
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