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Drinking Game / Gorillaz

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Drinking game for Gorillaz:

  • Put on the album Plastic Beach (optional: put it on random/shuffle) and take a drink every time someone on the album uses the word "Plastic".
  • Put on "Stylo" and take a drink every time someone says "overload".
  • Put on the full 13-minute version of “DoYaThing” and take a sip every time André 3000 screams “I’M THE SHIT!!”.note 
  • In interviews:
    • Take a drink every time Murdoc insults 2D in an interview.
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    • Take two drinks every time Murdoc physically abuses 2D in an interview. You'll need it.
    • Drink any time a band member makes a reference to another artist or song.
    • Take a sip whenever Murdoc makes a noise.


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