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Drinking Game / Good Boys

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  • Drink whenever Lucas screams about a critical piece of information that Max and Thor intended to keep a secret and gets them into trouble.
  • Drink whenever the boys check their phones at a time they risk their safety and/or chance of successfully getting back the drone doing so.
  • Drink whenever the boys erroneously misuse and misinterpret a sex toy for something else because they're too young to know what it is.
  • Drink whenever you hear "Sippy Cup".
    • Warning: If you actually do this, you risk being whisked to the hospital by ambulance from alcohol poisoning.
  • Drink whenever Lucas cries, wails for help, or begs Max and Thor not to do something that he thinks will get them in trouble.
  • Drink along with Atticus or Thor as they try to beat the Sippy Cup challenge.
  • Down a whole bottle whenever the boys learn something new (but the audience already knew) and go like "Ooooooohhhhhh".

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