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Drinking Game / God of War

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Drinking game for the God of War series.

  • Every time Kratos screams at the top of his lungs when simply saying something would have sufficed, drink.
  • Drink whenever Kratos says something along the lines of "I CARE NOTHING FOR THE GODS"
  • Drink whenever Kratos scowls.
  • Whenever Kratos is needlessly cruel to someone, drink; Careful, you WILL die of alcohol-poisoning if you follow this one through.
  • When Kratos milks the giant cow in the sky, drink.
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  • Drink when Kratos does something unpleasant to someone's eye or eyes.
  • Take three shots when Kratos makes this face.
  • Drink whenever there's a Hot Coffee Minigame.
  • Drink whenever Kratos appears in another game.
  • Drink every time Kratos says "boy". Don't play this one unless there's an ambulance in your driveway with the engine running.