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Drinking Game / EarthBound

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Drinking game for EarthBound:

Take a sip whenever:

  • someone levels up. You'll drop dead if you got Paula before trespassing Lilliput Steps.
  • a party member dies.
  • the photographer appears.
  • Dad is called.
  • an enemy successfully calls for help.
  • Giygas says "Ness".
  • Paula is defeated.
  • PSI Flash does absolutely nothing to affect the enemy.
  • Every time "You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas' Attack" happens during the final boss.
Drink whenever:
  • a Magic Butterfly appears.
    • Two if you fail to get to it.
  • the enemy causes a red swirl.
  • Jeff fixes something.
    • Two if it's not a Defense Spray
  • Giygas is mentioned.
  • a SMAAAAASH is earned by anyone.
    • You will die at the first dungeon due to the sheer amount of mouse enemies.
  • a boss is defeated.
  • You manage to gain a green swirl on the enemy. The Stonehenge Base will kill you if you're wise enough to get in front of the Starmen AFTER they teleport.
  • the coffee/tea sequences are initiated.
  • you get a Game Over.
  • You use the 'Pray' command and an enemy is revived.
    • Two if you went to great lengths to get rid of it.
  • An enemy puts a status effect on you.
  • You put a status effect on an enemy.
  • Start chugging if you're binded in place (ie. can't move via paralysis and you run out of PP). You'll barely get past the Mani Mani Statue if you're dumb enough to waste all your PP beforehand.

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