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Drinking Game / Duolingo

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When playing, take a drink when any of the following happens:

  • You have to translate...
    • a Captain Obvious statement.
    • a stupid question, e.g. "is an egg a vegetable?".
    • a sentence about animals doing human things.
    • a sentence with an Animate Inanimate Object.
    • a Shout-Out. Another drink if it references a meme.
    • a sentence that makes no sense.
    • a sentence that involves Getting Crap Past the Radar or Accidental Innuendo. Take another drink if the discussion for the sentence is locked.
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    • a sentence spoken by a character that doesn't fit it, e.g. a middle-aged man saying that he's your granddaughter.
    • a morbid sentence. Take another drink if it's illustrated with a happy character saying it.
    • an insult. Another drink if it looks like you're being insulted by some smiling character.
    • a really long sentence.
    • a sentence involving someone in a fridge.
  • You meet any of the following characters: the astronaut, the talking bear, the talking dolphin.
  • You get a ridiculously easy multiple choice one-word translation exercise, e.g. "how do you say planet" with the choices being "il y a", "planète" and "ciel".
  • You get a translation exercise wrong because you messed up the grammar of your native language.
  • You accidentally write your answer in the wrong language.
  • You accidentally speak the wrong language during a speaking exercise. Another drink if you pass the exercise anyway.
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  • You say some nonsense or just make random noises during a speaking exercise and pass it anyway.
  • If you lose your streak and the app offers a streak restore, sadly take as many drinks as how many dollars the streak freeze costs. If you aren't offered a streak restore, just down the whole glass.
  • A chatbot asks you if you want to do X, you say you don't, and the bot forces you to do X anyway.
  • You give a rude answer to a chatbot and get rewarded with "Good answer! +1 XP" (take 1 drink) or "Great answer! +2 XP" (take 2 drinks) anyway.
  • Down the whole glass if you take a "Test Out" and fail.
  • Sadly down the glass when you run out of lives.

When reading the comment sections of exercises or other Duolingo-related media, drink when...

  • Someone asks whether Duolingo will make you fluent in a language (spoiler: it won't).
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  • Someone makes a post just to tell you that they finished a tree or that they have a long streak.
  • Someone mentions losing their long streak.
  • Someone argues about whether a certain answer should be accepted.
  • Someone says "Duolingo should get a [language] course" or something to that effect.
    • Another drink every time someone asks for Japanese, Chinese or Arabic.
    • Another drink if it's an off-topic message in a completely unrelated thread.
    • Another drink if it's a dead language.
    • Another drink if it's a conlang from some work of fiction.
    • Another drink if the comment says something along the lines of "Duolingo has [language X], so why aren't we getting [language Y]?!".
  • Someone asks "when will [feature or language] be available for the iOS/Android/web version?" or "when will [feature] be available for [language]?".
  • Someone complains about the strange sentences.
    • Make it two if you're doing the Irish course and the comment mentions Pól.
  • A course gets postponed.
  • Someone asks which language they should learn.
  • Someone complains about Health and/or Gems.
  • Someone complains about the amount of work added in the crown update. Another drink if they complain about losing their golden tree.
  • Someone complains about a feature being removed in an update.

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