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The thread is here. All credit goes to Yuanchosaan, who originally posted it here.

Original Rules

  • Take one sip whenever someone refers to the TARDIS as Sexy.
  • Take one sip whenever Wack'd points out something has already happened in the Classic series.
  • Take one sip whenever Nicknacks points out something has already happened in the Expanded Whoniverse.
  • Take one sip whenever a dirty derail occurs.
  • Take one sip whenever someone wishes for a Companion to return.
    • Two sips for one-off characters.
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    • Three sips for Brian, Wilf, Susan, Craig and STORMAGEDDON, Romana or Jack.
  • Take two sips if Mousa The 14 posts fanart.
    • Drain the bottle if Yuanchosaan does, because that never happens.
  • Take one sip if Medicus mentions how much he hates River
  • Take one sip if unnoun's post contains at least one Tumblr link.
  • Take three sips and shake your fist whenever a writer is called a hack.
  • Add one sip if Fusionman rants about how bad Russel T. Davies is and how he hates Russel, the "hack".
  • Drain the glass if the "The Doctor is gonna bust a cap in yo ass" video is posted.
  • Take two sips if that female Companion fanart is posted.
  • Drain the glass if an argument about any of the following topics comes up: the Valeyard, Rose's romance, Handy, River Song, determinism, canon.


Rules Added at a Later Time

  • Drink constantly during arguments over casting. (maxwellelvis)
    • Drink even more if its about a female doctor.
    • Drink pure ethanol if an American Doctor is suggested.
  • Take on sip for every ellipsis unnoun uses. (Zarek)
  • Take a sip if unnoun gets angry because someone mentioned canon, Ten or Rose.
    • Take two if its because someone disses The Doctors Wife.
  • Take a sip if MousaThe14's sister turns a Doctor into a magical girl.
    • Contract? (/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\)
  • Take a sip if people start obsessing over Jenna Coleman.
    • Drain the glass if it turns into an argument.
    • Take a sip if Zarek obsesses over Evanna Lynch.
  • Take a sip if someone asks Bocaj what happened to their old avatar.
    • Take two if someone calls them Boxcar.
  • Take a sip if trock is posted.
  • Drain the glass if a TARDIS eruditorium link is posted by unnoun or TheEruditoriumGuy.
  • Call an ambulance and drink until it arrives if unnoun posts more than a sentence about Faction Paradox.
  • Tke a drnk if sum1 tlks lik ths
  • Drink if unnoun posts a wall of text.
    • Take two if someone mentioned they skipped it.
  • Drink if Wack'd posts soemthing from The Doctor Changes.
  • Drain the glass if Phil "the TARDIS Eruditorium guy" Sandifer acknowledges the thread somehow.
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  • Mix two terribly disparate drinks and down the concoction as slowly as possible if an argument over the ending of "The Day of the Doctor" and the relevance of Time Lord morality arises.
  • Drink if unnoun posts the Kandy Man Can.
  • Drink if it's suggested unnoun get her own Tumblr.

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