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Drinking Game / Dexter

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Drinking game for Dexter:

This game is meant to be played with a low-alcohol content drink such as beer. If you play with anything stronger, than we suggest you call the hospital beforehand.


  • The killer rule: Whenever any character commits a crime, take a drink. Murder, breaking and entering, tampering with police evidence, assault, whatever. For some episodes this rule alone can get you nicely buzzed.
  • Take a drink whenever a crime scene is shown.
    • Two drinks if you knew about the crime scene before the police did.
Dexter specific:
  • Drink any time Dexter misunderstands or does not get a social norm
  • Drink any time someone says something dramatically ironic about Dexter
  • Drink any time Dexter says the words “Dark Passenger”
  • Drink any time Dexter says or thinks "Tonight's the night"
  • Take a drink anytime Dexter uses “working late” as an excuse.
  • Drink any time Dexter runs his fingers along his trophies
  • Drink any time Dexter says something and then immediately contradicts it in his thoughts
  • Drink every time Dexter kills someone
    • For a fun variant take x/2 drinks whenever Dexter kills someone, where x is the number of pictures that Dexter has hung up in his kill room.
      • Take three drinks if Dexter kills someone outside of a killroom.
Debra specific:
  • Drink any time Deb uses three or more curse words in one sentence
  • Drink any time Debra uses an unusual expression with curse words (I.e. “Fuck me sideways”)
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  • Drink any time Deb stops herself from cursing
  • Take a shot whenever Debra says something that hints at her daddy issues.
Quinn specific:
  • Drink any time that Quinn does something illegal, immoral, or unethical.
  • Drink any time that Quinn hints about how awesome he is (i.e. Having lots of girlfriends, having lots of money, being good in bed, etc.) regardless of whether or not you or any of the characters believe him.
  • Drink anytime Quinn says "FUCK!" when the rest of the sentence has a calm tone.
Rita and the Kids specific:
  • Drink anytime Astor is a jerk
  • Drink anytime Cody says something that reveals himself to be, if not incredibly mature, then at least the most mature person in whatever conversation he is in.
  • Drink anytime Dexter says anything inappropriate to Harrison/does anything inappropriate with Harrison/takes Harrison somewhere inappropriate.


  • Drink any time that Agent Lundy uses the “Lundy smile” (If you don’t know what the Lundy smile is, then watch/rewatch season 2)
  • Drink any time that Masuka says something that makes you cringe
  • Drink anytime that Lila’s breasts are on screen.


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