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Drinking Game / Detective Conan

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This is a drinking game for Detective Conan.

  • Drink, when Kogoro drinks.
  • Take a sip when Kogoro is narcotized by Conan.
    • Take another sip when Conan solves the case with another person's voice.
      • Take three sips when Kogoro solves the case while he's NOT sleeping.
  • Take a sip when the case is closed.
  • Take a sip when the Black Organisation is in the case involved.
  • Take a sip when Kogoro's suscipions are wrong.
  • Take a sip when Ran does nothing to solve the case.
    • Take two sips when she gives helpful advices or beats the bad guys with karate.
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  • Take a sip for every high school detective who is involved in the case.
  • Take a sip for every crime. note 
    • Take another one for every murder in a locked room.
  • Take a sip for every new chapter or episode. note 
  • Take a sip for every of Agasa's new inventions.
  • Take a sip when Shinichi gets his teenaged body back.
    • Take two when Shiho gets her teenaged body back.
  • Take a sip when Genta mentions his Trademark Favourite Food eel with rice.
  • Take a sip for every argument between a couple.
  • Take a sip when Conan learned something on Hawaii.
  • Take a sip when Ai says Agasa that something's unhealthy.
  • Take a sip when Agasa and the Detective Boys are camping.
    • Take another sip whenever they drive to another activity (skiing, fishing,...).
  • Take a sip when Agasas VW Käfer has problems.

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