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Drinking Game / Dark Souls

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The world of Dark Souls is dark, dreadful, and hopeless. The only way to get by is to live by the bottle. Do be careful: most of these will probably kill you after an hour of gameplay. Stick to Sunny Delight if you want your liver to live.

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  • Take a shot every time YOU DIED in the game. (Warning: Due to the Nintendo Hard nature of the game, this will likely destroy your liver.)
  • Take a sip of Sunny Delight every time you quaff an Estus Flask.
    • Make it a shot of half SunnyD and half vodka (or whatever else you have on hand) if you get hit mid-chug. Raise it before you drink if you die mid-chug.
  • Take a shot with every bonfire lit.
  • Take a drink if you use a Humanity/Human Effigy/Ember.
    • Another one if you reversed hollowing to fight a boss, only to get killed on the way to the boss chamber.
      • Make it a drink if an invading phantom killed you on the way to the boss.
  • Take a shot if an enemy suddenly uses an attack you haven't seen before. Make it two if this kills you.
  • Take a shot if an NPC laughs in their dialogue
  • Take a shot if you are killed mid-roll.
    • Another if you weren't fatrolling.
  • Take two shots if you're lured in by a lootable corpse only to be ambushed by enemies.
  • Take a shot every time you meet an NPC or a boss for the first time and their title follows the format of "X of (the) Y".
    • Another one if their title includes "old", "ancient", "forgotten", or some other adjective that is a synonym for "old".
  • Take a shot if you die to a trap.
  • Take a shot if someone wrote a message somewhere, and it's one of the following:
    • "Try Jumping" near a cliff.
    • "Illusory Wall ahead" near solid walls, or "Be wary of mimicry" near real chests.
      • Another one if those messages were actually correct.
      • Take a shot if you read "Amazing chest ahead" and the chest in question is a mimic.
    • "Amazing chest ahead" near the Gwynevere, the Emerald Herald, or any other female NPC.
  • Take a sip if you fall to your death. Whether it be an enemy that knocked you down or your own carelessness.
  • Take a shot if an enemy backstabs, ripostes, or uses a grab attack on you.
  • Take a shot whenever you encounter a poison swamp level.
    Dark Souls II 
     Dark Souls III 
  • Once you get to any of the Multiple Endings or, especially, once you complete all the DLC, finish your 6-pack in peace. If you manage to achieve 100% Completion for the whole Dark Souls trilogy, the second it happens, start to drink all of the alcohol in your house to celebrate. And do not stop until you are done.
  • Take a shot if you encounter a Call-Back from the previous games.
  • If you're invading or doing arena battles:
    • Take a drink if you lose and your opponent uses the Point Down gesture.
    • If you're invading a host with summons and you lose, take a drink for every one of them that uses the Point Down or Applause gesture. If they all do it, finish your drink.
  • If you're doing co-op:
    • Take a drink every time your summons kill an invader. Take two if you're the one who finished them off.
    • Take a shot if the invader kills you. If they use Point Down, Applause, or Dung Pies, take two.
    • Finish your drink if the invader killed you after they killed all of your summons.