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Drinking Game / Dark Souls

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The world of Dark Souls is dark, dreadful, and hopeless. The only way to get by is to live by the bottle. Do be careful: most of these will probably kill you after an hour of gameplay. Stick to Sunny Delight if you want your liver to live.

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  • Take a sip of Sunny Delight every time you quaff an Estus Flask.
    • Make it a shot of half SunnyD and half vodka (or whatever else you have on hand) if you get hit mid-chug. Raise it before you drink if you die mid-chug.
  • Take a shot with every bonfire lit.
  • Take a drink if you use a Humanity/Human Effigy/Ember.
    • Another one if you reversed hollowing to fight a boss, only to get killed on the way to the boss chamber.
      • Make it a drink if an invading phantom killed you on the way to the boss.
  • Take a shot if an enemy suddenly uses an attack you haven't seen before. Make it two if this kills you.
  • Take a shot if an NPC laughs in their dialogue
  • Take a shot if you are killed mid-roll.
    • Another if you weren't fatrolling.
  • Take two shots if you're lured in by a lootable corpse only to be ambushed by enemies.
  • Take a shot every time you meet an NPC or a boss for the first time and their title follows the format of "X of (the) Y".
    • Another one if their title includes "old", "ancient", "forgotten", or some other adjective that is a synonym for "old".
  • Take a shot if you die to a trap.
  • Take a shot if someone wrote a message somewhere, and it's one of the following:
    • "Try Jumping" near a cliff.
    • "Illusory Wall ahead" near solid walls, or "Be wary of mimicry" near real chests.
      • Another one if those messages were actually correct.
      • Take a shot if you read "Amazing chest ahead" and the chest in question is a mimic.
    • "Amazing chest ahead" near the Gwynevere, the Emerald Herald, or any other female NPC.
    Dark Souls II 
     Dark Souls III 
  • If you're invading or doing arena battles:
    • Take a drink if you lose and your opponent uses the Point Down gesture.
    • If you're invading a host with summons and you lose, take a drink for every one of them that uses the Point Down or Applause gesture. If they all do it, finish your drink.

  • If you're doing co-op:
    • Take a drink every time your summons kill an invader. Take two if you're the one who finished them off.
    • Take a shot if the invader kills you. If they use Point Down, Applause, or Dung Pies, take two.
    • Finish your drink if the invader killed you after they killed all of your summons.

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