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Drinking Game / Daily Life with Monster Girl

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Drinking Game for Daily Life with Monster Girl

Take a sip whenever:

  • Something sexual happens.
  • You see a frame of the anime which explicitly shows off boobs.
  • Kimihito is injured by a member of his harem.
  • Papi demonstrates short attention span. Double if it's a major plot point.
  • Suu drives someone to an orgasm.
  • Miia says "Darling."
  • Suu's body proves as a solution.
  • Kimihito's face is drawn in great detail, or he drops the Blank White Eyes.
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  • An Art Shift occurs.
  • Suu reveals a new power.
  • Kimihito finds himself in a compromising position with one or more of the girls.
    • Finish the glass if it's because she/they were trying to "flirt" with him.
  • Lala attempts to sound overly sophisticated. Double if the people she's talking to don't understand it.
  • Kimihito visits Marshmallow Hell.
  • Mero goes starry-eyed over 'Tragedy'.

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