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Drinking Game for ComedyShortsGamer. Prepare to get very wasted.

  • Every time he swears when his opponent scores on him, drink.
  • Every time he bad mouths EA, drink.
  • Every time he insults his brother, drink.
  • Every time an instrumental version of Kick In The Door is played in his videos, drink. (Not advised)
  • Every time he makes a sexual reference, drink. (Not advised)
  • Every time Deji appears with a girlfriend, drink. (Not advised)
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  • For every video with caps lock titles (e.g. "OMG BEST PACK OPENING" or "GUESS WHO I GOT" or some variation, drink). Have an ambulance on speed dial.
  • For every thumbnail with hot pink/purple text, drink.
    • What are you trying to do, kill us all?
  • For every thumbnail without hot pink/purple text (preferably red text), drink twice.
  • For every thumbnail with Deji making a face that corresponds with the video title, drink. (Not advised)
  • For every video he makes with Jide or Yinka, drink. (Not advised—you will die.)
    • Take two shots if they appear together.
  • Every time he tells his viewers he's not gay, drink.
  • Every time Deji references masturbation or mimics the action, drink. (Not advised)
  • Take a shot every time Deji shows up with a new girlfriend.
    • Take another shot if he has moved on to another girl in the span of a few months (Not advised).
  • Take a shot every time Deji gets sick doing a food challenge (have 911 on speed dial).
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