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Drinking Game / Clash of the Titans (2010)

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  • Take one drink every time a character is introduced with an inappropriate accent.
  • Take one drink every time Artistic License is taken in regards to mythology.
  • Take a sip when a character is portrayed as somewhat sympathetic but really shouldn't be because of their actions (Zeus in particular).
    • Take a sip when it's the reverse.
  • Take a sip (small is best) every time someone dies.
  • Take one drink whenever someone displays hubris.
    • Take two if someone else dies because of this.
  • Take one drink whenever a female character is punished for something that clearly isn't their fault but that of a male character (gods included).
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  • Scull your glass whenever Titans are actually mentioned/appear.
  • Take a drink whenever the subject of humans not needing gods comes up.
  • For the sequel especially, take a sip every time someone says 'Brother'. Include 'Father' if you are feeling suicidal.

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