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The drinking game for Civilization and its sequels and spinoffs.

  • One shot if an antiquated unit takes down a more advanced unit. (Spearman beats Tank, Warrior pwns Knight, Musketman defeats Giant Death Robot etc)
  • For IV and G+K, down a shot if a religion is founded where it isn't historically true (Judaism in Mecca, Buddhism in New York, or some other combination). Enjoy a glass of wine if it's founded in its actual city instead. If you can't drink due to religious taboos, substitute with grape juice instead.
    • In any game, drink if this leads to amusing historical irony like Phillip II of Spain denouncing you for not being a Hindu.
  • IV: One shot every time Satellites is researched. "Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep..."
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  • Drink your sorrows away when an opponent achieves a victory while you are focusing on another.
  • Drink shots equivalent to how many spaceship units are left if an enemy raids your space project, causing you to lose the space race.
  • Take a shot if Gandhi is among the opponents. Two more if he backs his words with nuclear weapons. Three if he launches a nuke, and drink until kingdom come if it's you he's after.
  • In II, one shot per opponent if some of your opponents are led by non-leaders/fictional characters. (Ellie Roosevelt, Sacagawea Borte, Ishtar, Nazca, Shakala)
  • Take a shot if an opponent snatches a world wonder out from under you. Take three if you were one turn away from finishing it.
    • In V, down the bottle if you just spent a Great Engineer to finish it.
  • In III, take one shot every time you try to offer somebody a resource or money per turn but the other side says "You broke deals with country XYZ, so we don´t trust you" and you have no idea what you did.
    • In VI, drink if a civ that otherwise likes you suddenly criticises you for normal behaviour due an agenda of theirs that you can't see.
  • In VI, take a shot for every time after the first when an opposing leader denounces you for occupying a city you captured from them during a war. Take two shots if they declared war on you first.
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  • VI: Take two drinks if you're the target of a joint war (plus one shot for each city-state that gets involved). If you previously had a Friendly relationship with either civ that declared war on you, chug.
  • In either of the Revolution games, drink if a civ declares war on you, but is one or more tech levels behind.
  • In V, take a shot every time Elizabeth calls you and says ‘Would you be interested in a trade agreement with England?’. Drown the whole bottle if you refuse and a turn later she denounces or declares war on you.
  • In VI, take a shot every time you are declared a warmonger by the AI. Two if if it's for no good reason. Three if it's because of an AI Leader agenda that punishes you for being a good player (Qin Shi Huang, Pedro II, etc.)
  • Down a failure drink every time you get a really shitty starting location on the first turn. Down the whole bottle for all Tundra/Desert starts for civs that don't get bonuses to those extreme terrains
  • Take a VERY small shot every time you suspect the AI to be cheating (WARNING: May result in death on higher difficulties)
  • In VI, take a shot every time Gandhi berates you for not having nuclear weapons before the Atomic Era. Do likewise if Catherine de Medici demands you use more espionage before Spies are possible to train.
    • Take two shots if Harald Hardraada criticises a landlocked civ for not having any navy.
  • In V and VI, take a shot every time you meet a city-state. Two shots if its bonus is relatively useless for you. Three if, despite that, it's too far away for a takeover without wasting time and resources.
  • Drink if a city-state gives you a quest that is logistically impossible to complete, like asking Arabia to recruit a Great Admiral.
  • Drink each time you recruit a Great Writer/Artist/Musician and have nowhere to put their work. (If you're snowballing Culture, you should probably change this to sips after a while.)

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