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Drinking Game / Civilization

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The drinking game for Civilization and its sequels and spinoffs.

  • One shot if an antiquated unit takes down a more advanced unit. (Spearman beats Tank, Warrior pwns Knight, Musketman defeats Giant Death Robot etc)
  • For IV and G+K, down a shot if a religion is founded where it isn't historically true (Judaism in Mecca, Buddhism in New York, or some other combination). Enjoy a glass of wine if it's founded in its actual city instead. If you can't drink due to religious taboos, substitute with grape juice instead.
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  • IV: One shot every time Satellites is researched. "Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep..."
  • Drink your sorrows away when an opponent achieves a victory while you are focusing on another.
  • Drink shots equivalent to how many spaceship units are left if an enemy raids your space project, causing you to lose the space race.
  • Take a shot if Gandhi is among the opponents. Two more if he backs his words with nuclear weapons. Three if he launches a nuke, and drink until kingdom come if it's you he's after.
  • In II, one shot per opponent if some of your opponents are led by non-leaders/fictional characters. (Ellie Roosevelt, Sacagawea Borte, Ishtar, Nazca, Shakala)
  • Take a shot if an opponent snatches a world wonder out from under you. Take three if you were one turn away from finishing it.
    • In V, down the bottle if you just spent a Great Engineer to finish it.
  • In III, take one shot every time you try to offer somebody a resource or money per turn but the other side says "You broke deals with country XYZ, so we don´t trust you" and you have no idea what you did.
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  • In VI, take a shot for every time after the first when an opposing leader denounces you for occupying a city you captured from them during a war. Take two shots if they declared war on you first.
  • VI: Take two drinks if you're the target of a joint war (plus one shot for each city-state that gets involved). If you previously had a Friendly relationship with either civ that declared war on you, chug.
  • In either of the Revolution games, drink if a civ declares war on you, but is one or more tech levels behind.
  • In ‘’V’’, take a shot every time Elizabeth calls you and says ‘Would you be interested in a trade agreement with England?’. Drown the whole bottle if you refuse and a turn later she denounces or declares war on you.
  • In VI, take a shot every time you are declared a warmonger by the AI. Two if if it's for no good reason. Three if it's because of an AI Leader agenda that punishes you for being a good player (Qin Shi Huang, Pedro II, etc.)
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  • Down a failure drink every time you get a really shitty starting location on the first turn. Down the whole bottle for all Tundra/Desert starts for civs that don't get bonuses to those extreme terrains
  • Take a VERY small shot every time you suspect the AI to be cheating (WARNING: May result in death on higher difficulties)
  • In VI, take a shot every time Gandhi berates you for not having nuclear weapons before the Atomic Era
  • In V and VI, take a shot every time you meet a city-state. Two shots if its bonus is relatively useless for you. Three if, despite that, it's too far away for a takeover without wasting time and resources.

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