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Drinking Game / Christian Humber Reloaded

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  • Take a sip every time Vashblade acquires a new weapon or special ability.
    • Take a shot every time Vashblade uses two or more of the above in conjunction with each other (e.g. when he uses the Magun as a Super Saiyan).
  • Take a sip every time Vashblade or his allies kill at least one person for no good reason (once per incident, not person, lest you die of alcohol poisoning when he kills 6 million people at the Super Bowl).
  • Take a shot for when someone with no special powers (e.g. hunters, raiders, gang members, etc.) tries to kill Vash.
    • Take a shot every time someone actually succeeds in seriously wounding or capturing Vash.
  • Take a shot for every plot hole, Retcon or a character having an Unexplained Recovery.
    • Take two shots for any time when an event from more than 5 chapters ago and not from the current story arc is referenced.
    • Down the bottle when the narrative or characters actually remember that Vashblade used to be a wolf after he gains his human form.
  • Take a shot every time there's a Time Skip longer than a year.
  • Take a shot every time the author censors "bastard" or "bitch." Take two shots if it's in the same sentence as another expletive.

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