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Drinking Game / Chopped

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Please play responsibly...or not at all.

Take a drink when...

  • A competitor talks about how competitive he/she is.
  • Someone cuts themself.
    • Two if they then go on to do something stupid, like toss the salad they were making with their bare hands, or if there's blood on one or more of their plates.
  • The judges plead with the contestants to get something on the plate.
  • Someone gets chopped.
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  • One of the contestants does a puree.
  • One of the contestants does a salad.
  • One of the contestants does a bread pudding.
    • Two if none of the basket ingredients are bread.
  • When the 5 minutes, 2 minutes, and 1 minute warnings are called.
  • They use a fancy basket ingredient.
    • Two if it's one you've never heard of.
  • Someone whines about how they shouldn't have been chopped.
  • There's a special guest judge.
  • Someone puts a basket item aside, saying they'll come back to it later.
    • Two if they end up forgetting to put it on the plate.
  • The competitor attempts to do risotto in the appetizer round.
    • Two if their risotto is underdone.
    • Three if that is the reason they're chopped.
    • Finish the drink if and only if it's actually cooked correctly. Given how impossible this task is, this will likely never happen.
  • Someone undercooks chicken.
  • One of the contestants does French toast.
    • Two if none of the basket ingredients are bread.
    • Three if it's not the dessert round, or a breakfast-themed show.
  • Somebody has a fire at their station (do not count flambeing or other intentional/controlled fires)
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  • A contestant decides to sass the judges.
  • Someone gets chopped, and then thanks the judges/Ted for the opportunity to be on the show
  • One contestant helps out another in some way.
  • There's a special competition (grandmas, veterans, college students, teenagers, celebrities, amateurs, etc.)
  • Someone's meat or fish is overcooked or undercooked.
  • Skull your drink as Ted counts down the last 10 seconds of the round.
  • Someone has trouble with the foaming machine.
  • Someone uses an unusual kitchen tool (the steamer basket, the anti-griddle, etc.)
  • Someone puts something in the blast chiller, and it ends up not setting in time.
  • Someone forgets an ingredient on one or more plates, or fails to make all four plates.
  • Someone runs to the pantry/fridge/plate storage area/etc. at the last minute.
  • Someone drops an ingredient or dish on the floor.
    • Two if they pick it up and serve it anyway.
  • Someone burns food.
    • Two if they serve it to the judges burnt.
    • Three if they used Oven Logic.
  • Someone fails to let meat or poultry have adequate time to rest between cooking it and plating it.
  • There's a Christmas Episode, Halloween Episode, Thanksgiving Episode, or other holiday special.
  • One of the contestants has a real sob story.
    • Two if s/he actually wins.
  • Finish your drink if the contestant you were hoping would get chopped wins the competition.
  • One of the basket ingredients is a pork product.
    • Two if that pork product is (or contains) bacon.
    • Three if one of the contestants happens to be Jewish or Muslim, or a vegetarian or vegan. Do another if whatever that person makes with it despite their personal or religious taboos ends up being really awesome.
  • One of the contestants has never worked with an ingredient before.
    • Two if it ends up being really awesome.
  • One of the basket ingredients in the entree round is some kind of fish.
  • One of the basket ingredients is an already-prepared dish.
  • Ted decides to pester the chefs as they're cooking.
  • A chef states in a confessional before the chopped dish is revealed how confident they are with their dish.
    • Two if that chef is the one who gets chopped.
  • A basket ingredient that's normally associated with a brand name is described in generic terms (i.e. "chocolate sandwich cookies" instead of oreos)
  • If one of the basket ingredients is an alcoholic beverage, take a shot (preferably of that same beverage).
    • If one of the contestants takes a shot of the alcoholic basket ingredient, make it a double.

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