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Drinking Game / Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum

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Drinking game for Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum:

  • Take a shot whenever:
    • Bongô is afraid of Morgana because she is a witch.
    • Nino is about to be deceived into signing Dr. Abobrinha's contract and discovers his evil plan at the last moment.
    • The castle folks watch Penélope on TV and she talks about her adventures on the castle.
    • Nino invents or "reinvents" something.
    • A puppet from the fireplace says "Hello, how are you?" in some foreign language.
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    • The sunflower bites the finger of someone.
    • Two people use the rotating door to Nino's bedroom, causing them trouble finding each other.
    • Dr. Victor says: Raios e Trovões!! (Lightning and Thunder!!)
  • Take a sip whenever:
    • Caipora teleports in the middle of a conversation.
    • Zequinha asks: "Why?"