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Drinking Game / Captain Underpants

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Take a drink every time:

  • Someone snaps their fingers around Mr. Krupp.
    • Take two drinks if someone pours water on his head.
  • Captain Underpants says "Tra-la-LAAAAAAAA!".
  • Melvin tattles on George and Harold.
  • Mr. Krupp punishes George and Harold.
  • George and Harold rearrange the letters on a sign.
  • George and Harold decide to prank somebody.
  • Somebody laughs at Prof. Poopypants' name.
  • Finish your drink when you get to the Flip-o-Rama in each book.
    • And have another when you rip the page. (Inevitable — we've all done it at least once.)
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    • Or if you rip the page out of the book entirely (a very real danger for the older paperback prints).