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Drinking Game / Beast Wars

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Drinking games for Beast Wars.

  • In the episode "Power Surge", take a shot everytime the Maximal/Predacon computer voice states "Stasis lock, imminent!"
  • Take a shot anytime Waspinator gets slagged. Have fun trying to survive for five minutes.
  • Take a shot anytime Megatron says his trademark "Yesss..." and brace yourself for alcohol poisoning.
    • Take two if he says "No".
    • Take three if anyone else says those words to mock Megatron. Your kidneys will never forgive you.
  • In the first few episodes, take a shot whenever the phrase "X, Maximize!" or "X, Terrorize!" is said before a transformation.
  • Take one shot anytime Optimus says "That's just Prime".
    • Take two if someone else says it.
  • Take one shot anytime Optimus makes a campy "destiny and honor" speech, or someone lampshades this.
  • Take a shot whenever Dinobot refers to Rattrap as "vermin".
    • Or whenever Rattrap refers to Dinobot as "chopper face."
  • Take a shot whenever someone tells Rattrap to shut up.
  • Take a shot anytime Rattrap says "We're all going to die."
  • Take a shot whenever Inferno makes a reference to "royalty" or calls Megatron "my queen."
  • Take a shot whenever Cheetor refers to Optimus as "Big Bot."
  • Take a shot whenever Tarantulas gets crushed by a boulder while engaging Dinobot.


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