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Drinking Game / Araburu Kisetsu No Otome Domo Yo

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Take a sip whenever...

  • Take three shots when the word "ess-ee-cks" is used.
  • Take a shot when Hitoha tries to flash her undergarments at Yamagishi.
  • Take two when Rika is engaging in Large Ham tendencies.
  • When Kazusa freaks out at the thought of sex.
  • Buses and/or trains are mentioned.
  • Take four shots when the main girls are especially thirsty.
  • Take two when the students talk about having sex.
  • Take one whenever Momoko questions her sexuality.
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  • Take one if Niina's acting teacher pops and acts creepy.
  • Kazusa envies Niina's looks.
  • The literature club reads lewd titles.
  • Take two if there's a closeup of Niina's lips.

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