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Drinking Game / Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

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Take a drink:

  • Every time Scratch laughs.
  • Every time Robotnik says "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!!!"
    • Alternately, finish your drink if the episode ends without him saying it.
  • Every time Sonic uses a disguise.
  • Every time the word "dum-bot" is used.
  • Every time a Shout-Out to the video games is seen.
  • Every time Grounder uses a hidden gadget.
  • Every time either Scratch or Grounder claim to be Robotnik's favorite.
  • Every time Scratch or Grounder call Robotnik "Your (negative adjective)-ness".
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  • Every time Coconuts gets demoted.
  • Every time Sonic says "Gotta (verb), (rhyming noun)!"
  • Every time Robotnik trills his R's.
  • Every time Wes Weasley calls someone "pallsy".

Finish your drink:


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