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Drinking Game / A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure

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  • Take a shot whenever something defying the laws of physics and/or logic happens. Have an ambulance on standby.
  • Take a shot whenever Fender yells "SPARKY!" or nags at his son not to do something. Have an ambulance on standby.
  • Take a shot whenever Speedy screeches something or is annoying. Screw it, the ambulance can't save you. It's better to squeeze the beer into atom sized droplets and slurp up one drop every-time she speaks.
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  • Take two shots if something disturbing happens by accident.
  • Down the bottle if the Igor scene disturbs you, and curl into the fetal position.
  • Take a shot whenever a plot twist happens.
  • Take a shot for every animation error.
  • Take a shot whenever Diesel gives bad advices.
  • Take a shot when something stupid happens. Have fun dying!
  • In the first movie specifically, take a shot every time it cuts to Norbert giving a disapproving head shake. You may want to take down your liver's last wishes beforehand.
  • Take a shot when someone hits the stacked tires.
  • Take a shot whenever Sparky complains about his dad trying to ruin his life. Troper, We Hardly Knew Ye.

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