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  • Referenced In-Universe in Bishop Barron's video on "The Limits of Tolerance." An Episcopal Bishop interpreted an exorcism in Acts of the Apostles as an act of intolerance against a demon who was charitably giving a slave girl unique spiritual gifts. Bishop Barron uses this absurd anecdote to distinguish an all-inclusive, never-challenging love with the Christian love that requires intolerance. That is, intolerance for Satan.
    "Up until last month in Venezuela, the entire Christian interpretive tradition read that passage [...] as the story of the liberation of a young woman who had been enslaved both to dark spiritual powers and to the nefarious human beings who had exploited her. But not Bishop Jefferts Schori, who reads instead a story of Paul's deep intolerance."
  • Channel Awesome:
    • Dr. Insano has a good fanbase. His multiple choice mysterious past just adds more fuel to it.
    • The Nostalgia Chick and The Nostalgia Critic get this too, with some of her male fanbase treating her like she's a Closer to Earth goddess and a bit of his female fanbase treating him like he's a poor love who just needs a snuggle. Even though they are generally good people and she's a Broken Bird while he has issues up the wazoo, it's been made clear that they're both fairly douchey as well.
      • The Chick's bad side (always present enough for the fanfic writers to make her a Bastard Girlfriend) is coming out more with every video since "Kirk vs. Picard", in a attempt to make the difference between Nostalgia Chick and Lindsay Ellis more obvious. Doesn't stop the love, though.
    • In the same vein, there's Linkara. He has a big ego, is rather self-obsessed ("It's always great to see me", he says to his girlfriend's welcome), is often oblivious to things going on around him (such as Mechakara), and his number-one priority seems to be the size of his fanbase. Worst yet, he has a selective memory about some of the less-than-heroic things he's done (watch his later segments in Kickassia again after his big Badass Boast). You'd think these attributes, coupled with his desperate need to save people and be thought of as heroic Nice Guy, would be apparent; according to his fans, however, he's the nicest, most heroic guy on the site.
      • This was directly addressed in the "Guns and Sorcery" story arc, in which Linkara's magic stopped working because Margaret, the spirit in the Magic Gun, sensed he was turning evil (with many of the above examples cited as proof). His powers returned after he owned up to his moral shortcomings and vowed to try to be a better person.
      • A sort of in-universe example features Snowflame, from the New Guardians #2 and #1 reviews. In the first video, he's loved for being an extremely hammy and hilarious villain. A villain who kills people and deals in cocaine. When Linkara later reviews New Guardians #1, he has an actor portraying him on set as a lovable and overly energetic Cloudcuckoolander.
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    • This can happen very easily with any instance of Alter-Ego Acting when fans don't realize that character and actor are not meant to be one and the same; for example, while Lewis Lovhaug is a very sweet, friendly guy, Linkara's an asshole and Lewis has openly said so (as he pointed out, what else can you call a guy who threatened a friend with spaceship-based weapons in order to win a petty argument?).
    • Hyper Fangirl gets considered by a lot of people as cute and adorable and her stalking victim Critic should just be nice to her. Even Doug himself complained about this.
  • This trope is a massive Berserk Button for almost all of the sporkers at Das Sporking. Many of them express confusion, during their sporkings, about why the fanfiction writers fangirl certain villains at all if they're just rewriting them in ways that don't resemble their actual selves at all.
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  • The Notebook and Tony the Talking Clock in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared have an unusual case of this. In canon, they're essentially Misplaced Kindergarten Teachers who browbeat and bully the main characters into accepting their viewpoints, and their "lessons" had a tendency to conclude in bizarre and brutal gorefests (how much of a hand they had in the gorefests is iffy). Neither one really demonstrates any personality traits beyond being self-obsessed and mean. In fanon, watch as they transform into the protagonists of a Tim Burton film and become kooky, quirky Comedic Sociopaths, playing up their association with creepy things and massively playing down their general rudeness. They're also usually made into love interests, even though they've never had any kind of interaction.
  • The Monstergirl Encyclopedia has this in spades. Many male readers reading about a setting full of hot monster girls that all want to have sex with men find the concept quite enjoyable, ignoring that the monstergirls will generally rape any men they see and force them into a relationship, commonly using Mind Control powers or simply superior force to make them stay. The Demon Lord responsible for the current setup is a Well-Intentioned Extremist that wants to end a Vicious Cycle of humans and monsters constantly killing each other at the whims of the Chief God, but the only way she could think of to override the monster's instincts to kill humans was to turn them all into lustful women that could only reproduce with human men. She's also spreading demonic energy over the world, which transforms the landscape and and turns humans into Incubi if male and random monstergirls if female while also brainwashing them so they aren't bothered by it. In addition to this, she's willing to eagerly convert/brainwash races that were fairly peaceful towards humans to begin with to strengthen her own forces. The Chief God's resistance to this presents of a risk of extinction for all races, due to fact it means new men aren't being born of the constant monstergirl/human couples, though the Demon Lord is trying to prevent this. Many readers will, however, miss the whole brainwashing deal and simply consider the Demon Lord a hero.
  • RWBY fanbase does that to several of the show's villains.
    • Roman Torchwick is often portrayed sympathetically in fanworks, being frequently made into a Lovable Rogue or an Anti-Villain of sorts. In canon, he is a violent criminal who commits armed robberies, gleefully blows up airships and is implied to engage in You Have Failed Me towards his underlings. His sole motivation is stated to be his own survival and he doesn't care how many people he has to hurt in order to ensure it. The only sympatethic quality he is shown to possess is his Villainous Friendship with Neo.
    • Neopolitan, Roman's partner in crime, is quite popular with the fanbase due to her character design and a unique combat style. While not much is known about her, she is established to be a remorseless killer and an accomplice in some of her partner's worst crimes. Fans still tend to show her a lot of sympathy and tend to give her redeeming traits, occasionally resulting in a full-blown Heel–Face Turn. Her grief over having lost Roman as shown in Volume 6 further encouraged fans to give Neo this sort of treatment.
    • Adam Taurus is a mass-murdering terrorist and a domestic abuser, portrayed as an embodiment of spite and cruelty. Any well-intentions he had for his actions has long since been lost as he got Drunk with Power and began Slowly Slipping Into Evil in the backstory. His handling is regarded as contentious due to a large portion of fans thinking he would have worked better as a well-intentioned anti-villain. Then there are some fans who attempt to whitewash Adam's canonical nastiness, ignoring or excusing many of his villainous actions. For example, they downplay his abuse of Blake, justifying his emotional manipulation by saying that he wasn't lying to her during his character short and arguing that he only vowed to destroy Blake's life in Volume 3 because she "betrayed the White Fang". This became more common after Adam revealed his face, which not only proved he had traumatic past but also increased his attractiveness significantly.
  • Some of the SCPs on the SCP Foundation wiki get this treatment. One example is SCP 682, who's sometimes portrayed as a Tsundere reptile that wants humans dead because they keep trying to kill him, despite that he's a nigh-immortal Eldritch Abomination that wants nearly all life on Earth dead because he finds it disgusting.
    • Out of all the SCPs, SCP 049 might get it the most. While his article has gotten a rewrite in May 2018 that makes him more sympathetic, it doesn't change the fact that he still actively kills people and turns them into mindless zombies that attack other living beings, just to cure them of a pestilence that he can't properly explain.
  • The Slender Man sometimes gets this treatment, much to some people's horror.
    • There's a gag comic circulating explaining why he's not actually evil. For a start, he's only stalking you because he's trying to return that DVD he borrowed from you.
    • To be fair, he probably just wants his twenty dollars.
    • He also has a fan-created brother named Sexual Offenderman. He's a rapist, but girls still love him
  • In SuperMarioLogan, the character that receives this treatment the most is Jeffy. Many fans view Jeffy as the funniest character in the series or generally feel sorry for him because of his childhood upbringing (being mentally and physically abused by an abusive mother). Regardless, Jeffy had committed downright cruel acts such as making his father miserable on a daily basis, the worse offenders being "Jeffy's Bad Word" and "Locked Out." He swears profusely, brutalizes other characters, among other bad deeds. As a result, Jeffy is considered one of the main reasons for Logan's channel getting demonetized.
  • Uncyclopedia enjoys giving Adolf Hitler this treatment.
  • This Cracked article, "9 Famous Movie Villains Who Were Right All Along". Bizarrely it tries to say Sauron never does anything wrong and is only trying to help oppressed minorities, even though the first minutes of the movie say that Sauron was trying to gain dominion over Middle-Earth.
  • Parodied in the video If Joffrey Was The Hero. It splices together various Game of Thrones clips to make it appear that Joffrey was a wise and compassionate ruler whose murder was a great tragedy. In canon, the exact opposite is true, something which the video's creators gleefully acknowledge.
  • Hazbin Hotel: Angel Dust and Alastor each have a massive legion of swooning fangirls (and some swooning fanboys), despite the fact they are both extremely amoral Jerkasses, with the former being a mobster with zero qualms about killing other demons for territory or a cheap laugh, and the latter being a vicious warlord who was an equally sadistic serial killer in lifenote . There are several factors to this: one, they are such Large Hams that they're extremely entertaining to watch regardless of their untenable morals. Two, they're already in Hell, so it's not like they aren't being punished for it, even if they both seem to take eternal damnation in stride. This segues into point three, being that Angel volunteered to be Charlie's test subject for her rehabilitation project and Alastor is sponsoring the project, even though Angel doesn't seem to be trying that hard at redemption and no one knows why Alastor would support such a project to begin with. Point four is that supplemental material from Vivziepop points toward Angel having a positive relationship with his little sister Molly and having a tragic backstory in being murdered by his older brother for being gay. The final point seems to be, in a meta sense, a straight case of Evil Is Sexy: voice actors Edward Bosco and Michael Kovak greatly enjoy playing up Angel's sex appeal and Alastor's creepinessnote  during live streams with one of the HH animators, and seem perfectly aware of how many of the fangirls are attracted to their voices. In response to this, much of Alastor's fandom portrayal deliberately frames his Nightmare Fuel as erotic, in spite of the fact that, in addition to his amorality, he's also completely asexual, and therefore nothing he does is intended to be framed that way. This Youtube comment reacting to this fact sums up the entire situation:
    "Alastor is asexual"
    "Fangirl: That sign can't stop me because I can't read!"
  • Everyman HYBRID has this with HABIT. In fact, the character has so many fangirls that there's a go-to response... after all, he did eat a baby.
  • Adult Wednesday herself is not portrayed as a bad person in Adult Wednesday Addams but her entire persona is unrelentingly dark and macabre. So it's not surprising that some fans can't help but find her sexy. It doesn't hurt that Melissa Hunter is very attractive.


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