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  • The protagonist of Flame That Burns Brightly (a 'fan-becomes-a-cat-and-joins-the-Clans' fic) says that she wants to "mate" note  with Ashfur- the guy who tried to burn innocent cats alive.
  • In this fic, Ashfur was just forced to torture Squirrelflight because Hawkfrost threatened to do it if Ashfur wouldn't. His long, elaborate rant about hating Squirrelflight and plotting her death over the last few months was a lie he made up...for some reason.

    Other Cats 
  • Black Winged Angel portrays Scourge as just "looking after his Clan" when he forced Barley to watch his sister's mutilation.
  • The narrator of 20 Love Stories states that she fell in love with Scourge because he was only cruel to people who disobeyed him, as if that justifies him killing and torturing the people who did.
    All of the Clans were greedy.
  • Stories Of The Darkest describes Tigerstar as having been "a loyal warrior" before Firestar's arrival in the forest, ignoring the part where he murdered Redtail.
  • Mapleshade gets this treatment a lot. She has a sympathetic backstory, to be sure- she fell in love with a cat from another Clan, was exiled after she was found out, and her kits drowned in the river when she tried to meet with Appledusk, their father in RiverClan- but she also killed three innocent cats, tried to murder two more (one of whom was a pregnant queen), and outright said that she felt she earned her place in the Dark Forest. Fans still glorify her and act as though she's misunderstood (though many nonetheless love her precisely because she's a villain.)


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