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Nearly every antagonist in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has been portrayed in a positive light by some fans. This is if nothing else somewhat more justified than in other fandoms, considering that the show runs on The Power of Friendship and many of its villains end up performing a Heel–Face Turn sooner or later.

  • Gilda the Griffon from "Griffon the Brush-Off" is an obnoxious bully who thinks all the ponies of Ponyville (except her old friend Rainbow Dash) are "lame-o", and who literally scares Fluttershy to tears at one point. When her true colors are exposed at a party thrown by Pinkie Pie in an effort to get her to lighten up, screaming her head off at her so-called best friend and refusing to take her own medicine, she's quick to turn against Dash for being a "flip-flop" by sticking up for the other ponies, and leaves town in a huff. Fans were quick to portray her as a Jerkass Woobie wracked with guilt and self-hatred over alienating her oldest and best friend.
    • When Gilda reappeared four seasons later, she was established to have gotten her hard edge from a hard life in a run-down falling-apart town where "get as much money as I can so I can afford to get outta this dump!" is everyone's sole motivation in life, and Gilda's still about the nicest it gets in that place. Even so, Gilda had to be talked into saving Rainbow Dash's life from a canyon, and still did it in a snarky way. While Gilda didn't completely lose her edge, it did inspire another round of fics portraying Gilda as much more internally conflicted and guilt-ridden than she was presented.
  • "The Great and Powerful" Trixie Lulamoon has been hit with this after nearly every appearance she's ever made. Trixie is a boastful, arrogant jerk who loves to push herself up by bringing other people down, and who can't back up the boasts she makes. While she did get better about it as the series progressed, including some genuine character development into a Knight In Sour Armor, her first few appearances had a few fans that painted her as a Jerkass Woobie with behavior was either excusable or totally justified.
    • Trixie's initial appearance in "Boast Busters" had fans protesting she was just a traveling entertainer whose audience was being unnecessarily mocking and hostile, and that she was justified in humiliating ponies in front of their friends and neighbors, and that she was unjustly punished by losing everything she possessed at the end of the episode. This ignores that Trixie is a boastful showoff who makes up stories for entertainment both on-stage and off-stage. She did seem guilty about one of her lies indirectly leading to an Ursa Minor attacking Ponyville, and admirably tried to fight it off, but after the threat is dealt with by Twilight Sparkle, Trixie's right back to being all bluff and bravado. After she was gone, there were many a fic that shipped Trixie with Twilight that absolved Trixie of any and all wrongdoing, placing the blame on the people of Ponyville for not bowing to her glory, or for Snips and Snails over leading the Ursa Minor to town so Trixie could defeat it. While the latter is true, it ignores that had Trixie not made such a boast, they wouldn't have lead the Ursa Minor to town in the first place. Nevertheless she could not have seen that coming and it is not her responsibility to watch over them.
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    • At the end of "Magic Duel", Trixie does have a supposed Heel–Face Turn and renames herself as "The Great and Apologetic Trixie". Funnily enough, the reason she initially stated for her revenge (having her reputation and livelihood destroyed) were the exact same things her fans complained about. This came back in full force in "No Second Prances" as some fans cried foul at what they thought was a Knight Templar Twilight Sparkle destroying Trixie's emerging friendship with Starlight Glimmer when it was actually Trixie opening her mouth and seeing how many hooves she can fit into it that ruined their friendship temporarily.
  • Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna's Superpowered Evil Side created from the jealously over ponies being more fond of Celestia's day and sleeping through Luna's night, gets this a lot from fans that see Celestia as a tyrant, treating her as just wanting to free Equestria from Celestia's rule, despite Luna herself admitting that what she did was wrong and becoming The Atoner in canon.
  • Discord was a ruthless tyrant who plunged Equestria into a World Gone Mad/World of Chaos and brainwashed the Mane Six into hateful mockeries of themselves to turn them against each other, all for his own entertainment. Regardless, being a Faux Affably Evil Trickster led many fans to depict him as a cheerful prankster who just wants a bit of fun in an overly-managed world, often going so far as to give him a Heel–Face Turn which is readily accepted by everypony. All of this became Hilarious in Hindsight with the episode "Keep Calm And Flutter On" where this is exactly what happens, but even afterwards he's still a huge jerk who is an antihero at best, which his fans continue to ignore.
    • Discord's fans have also leaped to justify his betrayal of the Mane 6 in the Season 4 finale, claiming that he only did so because the Mane 6 have treated him like dirt after his reformation, with the exception of Fluttershy. While this is for the most part true, this ignores the fact that even after his reformation, Discord has consistently proven himself to be a manipulative, egocentric Jerkass who enjoys causing conflict For the Evulz and puts people in mortal danger, which doesn't exactly make him an easy person to get along with. They also forget that Pinkie did try to reach out to him in Three's a Crowd but he distracted her to get rid of her. It also helps that while Discord reformed, it wouldn't have been smart to trust him easily anyway. In addition, he didn't hesitate to betray Fluttershy either.
  • Fans latch onto the Flim-Flam Brothers' stylishness, catchy song, and that their Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 can actually produce quality cider. The fact that they're also a pair of aggressively greedy jerks who tried to completely and utterly drive the Apples out of business and gloated about it when they seemingly succeeded, and who are perfectly willing to sacrifice any semblance of quality in the name of quantity, tends to escape the minds of these fans.
  • Queen Chrysalis. It is very common for fans to try to justify her actions on the premise that she just wanted to feed her children. While she did mention her duty to feed her subjects in her debut episode, she put more focus on how powerful she's going to become after devouring Equestria's love, and she proceeds immediately after to enslave all of Canterlot. Assuming that having to feed one's kids forgives mounting an armed invasion of a peaceful nation and overthrowing its government, this still doesn't erase the evident glee Chrysalis showed at the thought of enslaving Equestria. Besides being fairly clearly moved by power hunger as much as anything else, Chrysalis doesn't display the slightest shred of remorse for any of her actions and seems entirely incapable of empathy.

    There is also the fact that, despite its ubiquity in fanworks, the idea that the changelings are actually her children was nothing more than popular fanon with no canon support until Season 6, where a flashback by Thorax, a former Changeling of her hive, does show her watching over changeling eggs and hatchlings with the implication she at least raised them, but this has since been jossed with the appearance of Ocellus' mother in season 8. "To Where and Back Again" also reveals that Chrysalis was using the changelings' hunger to fuel her own ambitions, keeping them in a state of perpetual starvation so that she could control them. When it is discovered that Changelings are supposed to share love instead of taking it to truly satiate their hunger, Chrysalis is the only changeling to disregard the notion and outright reject redemption entirely. Of course, this tends to be ignored by some of her fans, who refuse to see her as anything less than a noble queen willing to go to war for the sake of her hive, and who was wrongfully betrayed by her people.
    • The Changeling race as a whole also gets the Leather Pants treatment, mostly due to the implications of Blue and Orange Morality that comes naturally with Emotion Eaters, with some Just Following Orders mixed in for good measure.In fact, this actually has foundation in canon — the changelings pull a Heel–Race Turn in the season six finale, after it is revealed that they are meant to share love instead of take it. Chrysalis is actually the only Changeling to reject this idea. Which has ironically led to the changeling race, as well as Thorax, receiving the Ron the Death Eater treatment for supposedly betraying their loving queen and possibly mother who has done nothing but care for them. This, of course, ignores the fact that Chrysalis has shown a willingness to brutally punish (and possibly kill) any changeling who questions her, and is implied to have starved them since young in order to manipulate them.
  • King Sombra gets some of this in fan works. In canon, he was a full-fledged example of Dark Is Evil, and he enslaved the ponies of the Crystal Empire to rule over them as a despotic madman. He ended up being Killed Off for Real at the end of his one appearance, and the only other time he's appeared in the series proper was a "what-if" scenario where he was even worse. In that story, he's waging a war against Equestria with mind-controlled soldiers/slaves, and it's implied that it's taking everything Equestria has just to hold him back. In spite of this, some fans latch onto Sombra as a misunderstood character, mostly citing his appearance in the comic books (which have been discontinued from canon) where his backstory saw him get mistreated and fully embrace his dark side because he was Made of Evil. If not that, then Sombra is portrayed as much more competent and intimidating than he actually is, or his death is retconned somehow to bring him back to be much more effective.
  • Lightning Dust is a reckless flier who mainly cares only about her own personal advancement and was largely responsible for an incident that nearly got the Mane Six killed. And yet, there are many viewers who sympathize with her (especially after seeing her heartbroken when she got expelled), some even going as far as to blame Spitfire and Dash for her reckless decisions, despite the indifference and inconsideration she showed towards those around her. Note that in the original ending Lightning wasn´t expelled but became Rainbow's wingpony while remaining her friend, which is where some of this comes from, but that clearly isn't considered canon since in The Washouts Lightning Dust returns as the leader of the titular team, having decided to start her own stunt group after her expulsion...and still hasn't learned her lesson, believing that while she might have risked lives it wasn't worth her expelling her over, and is willing to put Scootaloo through a dangerous untested stunt simply out of her rivalry with Rainbow Dash.
  • Wind Rider from Rarity Investigates is often written as Lightning Dust's loving father who only tried to frame Rainbow Dash because it was her fault that his daughter lost her dreams. Never mind the fact Wind Rider doesn't look old enough to have a daughter in her early twenties though that could be Artistic Age, and he tried to get Rainbow Dash kicked out for nothing besides the fact she was close to breaking his record. Fans who like both and don't go for the father/daughter idea have them form their own "Wonderbolts" and have them give a Humiliation Conga to the actual Wonderbolts. Or sometimes, Wind Rider is seen as the reason Lightning Dust is reckless. (Once again from the father/daughter route) Either way, both of these pegasi are treated like innocent woobies, and fans demonize the actual Wonderbolts and Rainbow Dash and use the episode "Rainbow Falls" as proof that Wind Rider is the only good Wonderbolt.
  • Even Tirek, the Satanic Archetype that he is, gets the leather pants by fans thinking that, like Discord and Diamond Tiara, he just wanted friends and felt betrayed when his brother joined the ponies and ignored him. These same fans are quick to ignore the fact that he drained the life force out of most of Equestria's population, could have had Discord's friendship but instead betrayed him without a second thought, and in a bad future in the S5 Finale, blasts the shit out of the entire world while growing to increasingly terrifying heights and not giving a damn that ponies are being hurt by his actions. Fans will give him an excuse that his parents were at the very least neglectful or raised him The Spartan Way, his brother was the cause of his evil.
  • Prince Blueblood receives sympathy from fans, claiming that expecting chivalry from him is unreasonable and that Rarity was just a gold-digger that Blueblood was trying to shake off, forgetting that he's a rude, narcissistic, stuck-up, selfish, and spoiled jerkass who insulted Applejack's food and used Rarity as a pony shield to protect himself from flying cake, and not apologizing for his actions after Rarity called him out on his behavior.
  • Silver Spoon, the Beta Bitch to Diamond Tiara's Alpha Bitch gets a large amount of fan sympathy. On the show she's portrayed as a follower, but fans forget that she's a willing accomplice to Diamond Tiara, liking to portray her as a Beleaguered Assistant and have Silver Spoon often question how much their Villainous Friendship means. Silver Spoon can resist peer pressure, so this doesn't make her any better or worse than Diamond Tiara. Fanon Silver Spoon will express remorse when the CMC are bullied, and the one Pet the Dog moment she had in canon is treated like an everyday occurrence.
  • Diamond Tiara gets this from people think she's not an Alpha Bitch at all, and is simply a Lonely Rich Kid who's only friend was Silver Spoon and she just wants friends. While the latter part of that statement ended up being entirely correct in Season 5's "Crusaders of the Lost Cutie Mark", in which she makes a Heel–Face Turn and becomes friends with the CMC, this redemption loses its power if you ignore that she genuinely was a cruel dog-kicking Alpha Bitch beforehand like these fans do. Admittedly it helps that Diamond's bullying was typically limited to verbal insults, and she was never particularly violent to begin with.
  • The Sphinx from the Somnambula story in Daring Done? often gets this treatment, being portrayed in many fan works as a giant Cute Kitten that was just playing a game with the South Equestrians or a creature of habit that just works on a different morality. This conveinently ignores that the Sphinx is openly malevolent within the episode, forcing the South Equestrians to give up their crops for no apparent reason and kidnapping the prince when he stands up to her. She's also a very Sore Loser, as she nearly rescinded her deal to release the prince simply out of spite towards Somnambula.
  • Some fans sympathize with Cozy Glow and feel like her imprisonment in Tartarus was unfair, given how other villains have been Easily Forgiven for crimes just as bad, including Discord who also teamed up with Tirek. This ignores that unlike them, she showed absolutely no remorse for any of it and Discord was already showing misgivings even before Tirek stabbed him in the back.


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