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    Mainline Series 
  • Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was published as an episodic title, and (with the exception of the first three chapters) every additiona chapter had to be purchased separately. Not only that, but in order to see the true ending of the game, the Crystal chapter had to be purchased. All of the episodes were later bundled together and released as a "Complete Collection" for the PSP (and later, PC) in 2011.
  • Interestingly, Final Fantasy XIII had a planned DLC that would have focused on a new area called the "Seventh Ark" (a remixed area where the party could fight high-level monsters), but it was left unfinished. It can be found in alpha form on-disc.
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 had a number of additional downloadable quests, outfits and items, which were later bundled together and included free with the release of the PC version.
    • Several weapons, including Serah's Genji Bow, Seraphic Wing and Azrae, and Noel's Muramasa and Catastrophe Blade.
    • Several outfits, including Serah's Summoner's Garb, Beachwear, Style and Steel and White Mage, and Noel's Battle Attire, Spacetime Guardian, Ezio Auditore and Black Mage. Additionally, both characters could get a set of N7 Armor, and there was a separate DLC for Mog which added 16 additional costumes.
    • Several Episodes, which had standalone campaigns and added additional summonable companions for the party in the main game. These included Sazh: Heads of Tails (also expanded the content in Serendipity), Snow: Perpetual Battlefield and Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess.
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII's DLC was mostly comprised of "garb sets", which each added an additional armor, weapon and shield to the main game. These were later collected in content packs, and eventually included for free with the PC release:
    • The Premium Collection (Divine Wear, Moogle Lover and Ultimate Savior sets)
    • The Samurai Collection (Art of War, Dark Samurai, Flower of Battle, Shining Prince, Shogun, Sohei Savior and Utsusemi sets)
    • Several outfits were modeled after previous games in the series, including Final Fantasy VII (Cloud and Aerith) and Final Fantasy X (Yuna, as well as her appearance in the sequel). One was also modeled after Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.
    • A Japanese voice pack was released after the game's launch.
  • Final Fantasy XIV:
    • Several expansion packs were released, including Heavensward and Stormblood, which added new questlines, characters, items and weapons. Additionally, these expansions were also offered in "Collector's Editions", which offered exclusive in-game cosmetic items.
    • Purchasing $20 or more in goods from Amazon's video games section during the summer of 2016 netted the player a DLC pack containing several exclusive items, including male/female formal attire, two additional masks, a Fat Chocobo mount a stack of consumable items that granted temporary magic wings on the character model.
    • Additional bonus items can be purchased for use in-game from the Mog Station online store, though these are generally limited to cosmetic items.
  • Final Fantasy XV had a boatload of content delivered through several methods, including pre-order bonuses, a Season Pass and a number of add-on packs that were available in Free and Premium versions. These DLC's included:
    • The Travel Pack (a pair of items which permanently reduce the cost of fast-travel and sleeping at hotels), given to preorders from Amazon or people who bought the Ultimate Edition.
    • The Gourmand Set (includes two types of rare cooking ingredients and an additional cooking recipe), given to Amazon preorders and Ultimate Edition buyers.
    • The Camera Kit (gives a new camera that adds a blue filter), given to Amazon preorders and Ultimate Edition buyers.
    • The Angler Set (a pack including a rod, reel and lure that can never be lost) was given for anyone who pre-ordered the game from the PlayStation Store/XBox Games Store or bought the Ultimate Edition.
    • Several bonus weapons, including the Masamune (from Final Fantasy VII), Mage Mashers (Final Fantasy IX), Blazefire Saber (Final Fantasy XIII) and Gae Bolg (Final Fantasy XIV). The first was given for all pre-orders, while the last three were given if the game was preordered from Amazon.
    • Several recolors, including the Royal Rainment outfit and Platinum Leviathan car reskin (given for Ultimate and Deluxe Edition buyers), the Gold Chocobo car reskin (given from Amazon), the 16-Bit Buddies car reskin (given from Playstation and Xbox stores) and the Cindymobile car reskin (given from the Square-Enix Online Store).
    • Tying in with the Product Placement in the main game, a "Cup Noodle Hat" was given to anyone who purchased the physical 30th Anniversary Boss Collection set of lithographs.
    • The Amazon Road Trip DLC was a separate mini-game campaign that could be played through a browser, and offered players the chance to earn several of the pre-order bonus packs. Completing the campaign also gave players a bonus downloadable mini-strategy guide.
    • The Holiday Pack DLC was released in December 2016. The Free version included four items (Warrior's Fanfare, Nixperience Band [which reduces XP gains], a Carnival Passport and a Choco-Mog themed t-shirt. The Premium version included all of that plus additional equipment items, a Key of Prosperity (which increases item drop rates) and a festive-themed clothing pack and add.
    • The Booster Pack DLC was released in February 2017 and included customization items, a new sword (Resplendent Glaive) and a pair of new fishing items.
    • Three separate standalone campaigns based on Noctis' teammates (Episodes Gladiolus, Ignis & Prompto), which give new weapons and items that can be brought into the main game.
    • An expansion pack (Comrades) which gives players the ability to take control of any of Noctis' teammates during the main game, and also adds an online co-op mode for players to team up in-game.
    • A second expansion pack, World of Versus, which reportedly is set during Noctis' 10-year slumber during the main game and includes new monsters and encounters.

  • Dissidia 012 [duodecim]: Final Fantasy has extra costumes and BGM for sale in the Playstation store, some of which is region-specific. Buying a special prologue version of the game and importing its data is also the only way to get Aerith as a support-only character.
  • As Final Fantasy: All the Bravest was a mobile game, many of its additional characters were offered as a la carte DLC, comprising party members from throughout the franchise's history. Several downloadable worlds could also be purchased.
  • Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles:
    • My Life as a King had additional tribes, dungeons and clothes that could be purchased through the Wii Online Shop.
    • My Life as a Darklord included several additional stages, monsters and costumes, along with a post-game epilogue. Like the previous title, all of these additions had to be purchased through the Wii Online Shop.
  • Final Fantasy Explorers:
    • Several DLC packs were released, which were later included for free when the title was released in North America. These included additional costumes based off Final Fantasy VII (Cloud, Aerith and Tifa), Final Fantasy X costumes and a set of alternate costumes for Bartz, two additional classes (Blue Mage and Samurai) and additional boss fights.
    • The Collector's Edition included four exclusive quests that, when completed, gave ingredients that could be used to create weapons from previous games, including the Crimson Blitz, Thyrus, Venus Gospel and Death Penalty.
  • Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales: Five promotional cards for the in-game card game were distributed through store demo kiosks. They can also be unlocked with button codes, but four of the five codes for the US version have never been released or discovered.
  • The original release of Final Fantasy Type-0 allowed players to gain free DLC in the form of normally hard-to-obtain in-game items and costume sets via the Square-Enix Members section of their website. Once the game was re-released in HD, all of the existing DLC was packed in.
  • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call gave players the ability to buy many of the songs from the first game as optional DLC, along with additional characters including Rosa (Final Fantasy IV) and Yuffie (Final Fantasy VII).
  • World of Final Fantasy:
    • A number of pre-order DLCs released for it, including an optional Japanese voiceover pack and several items which can only be used in the in-game Coliseum.
    • A second DLC comprising several new Mirages was released soon after the game's launch.
    • Sora from Kingdom Hearts was added as a free limited-time download in January 2017.


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