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Double Standard Abuse Female On Male / Webcomics

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  • There is a strip in Sexy Losers where the author reverses the genders of Kenta and his horny mom, making it about a teenage girl being sexually molested by her middle-aged father instead of a teenage boy being sexually molested by his middle-aged mother. The audience he's presenting his gender-flipped version to beats the crap out of him. Making sure to completely point out the Double Standard that people let him get away with due to this trope, the author even says in the final panel "It's the same damn joke!"
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  • PvP plays with it here and for a few other strips - Jade is genuinely surprised Cole and Brent hate being play-punched by her. The entire Double Standard is brought up here. Jade (very grudgingly... and all the while maintaining that the men are being ridiculous for even protesting her punching them in the first place) agrees to stop.
  • Averted in Digger. The reason Ed — by leagues the gentlest character in the strip — was exiled was because, after constant abuse from his wife, he found out she was also abusing their child, and killed her while she slept. Them being hyenas, the females are stronger — and the ones with combat training — so he wouldn't have stood a chance in a fair fight. Ed is a male but to hyenas gender roles are reversed, so it's possibly more accurate to think of this as a male abusing a female. Regardless, the tribal elders were completely on Ed's side but failed to prevent his exile. They still feel guilty for that, and the main reason Ed was still exiled even though the elders thought he was in the right was that (much like British law) tribal law made no allowances for the situation; if anything like this had happened before, there were enough key details missing that the law was predicated on the notion that wives just plain don't provoke their husbands into killing them, and they certainly don't do so to a degree that makes their husband the good guy.
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  • Looking for Group has an extreme example in that when Pella cuts off Richard's hand some fans actually started shipping them! Admittedly his hand got better, and all things considered, her doing that was about as significant to him as a slap on the wrist. Richard seems to find her methods of dealing with him amusing.
  • In Sluggy Freelance, Gwynn beating up male cast members is Played for Laughs.
  • Discussed in Misfile. One day at school, Ash, a very reluctant male-to-female Gender Bender, punches a long-standing male rival in response to extreme — but purely verbal — provocation. A physical confrontation results, and the rival gets a severe punishment, while Ash gets off very lightly. Ash irritably notes that this is completely unfair, since he threw the first punch, and was only treated differently because he is "female". Ash is upset both about yet another reminder that he's "a girl", and the sexist Double Standard.
  • In TwoKinds, Flora ripping through Eric's shirt and leaving bloody gashes on his chest is played for laughs. Eric's brother pulling his slave Katharine's hair makes him a dickhead.
    • Possibly justified on account of the whole "slavery" thing. Eric's brother isn't tugging on the hair of a girl, but on the hair of a slave who legally cannot retaliate. Flora ripping his shirt is Flora ripping the shirt of someone who makes a living buying and selling her people as property.
  • Subverted in Questionable Content when The VespAvenger - a woman who drives around on a Vespa scooter, attacking boys who are awful to their girlfriends - is stopped by Marten and Faye. They try to point out the double standard by asking her if she'd be horrified by the thought of a man riding around on a Harley beating up women who treat their boyfriends like crap, but the VespAvenger says that she'd have no problem with that...and ask for his phone number. In the same comic, the fact that Faye uses Marten as a punching bag is shown to be the result of severe mental trauma, and she gets called out on it more than once and tries to be better about it, mostly shifting to snark as the comic goes on.
  • Lucy from Bittersweet Candy Bowl would often physically abuse and insult Mike, which destroyed their friendship and caused him to completely snap and blow up at her, which drove her into a suicidal depression. Although Mike could have handled the situation better than he did, the majority of the fanbase is guilty of the double standard, as they view Lucy as a saint and think Mike is the sole problem, refusing to listen when someone points out Lucy's flaws and whenever someone points out that Lucy's behavior was not nice or normal.
  • The implications of Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male in an episode of House are explored in this FUU Comic. A woman commits credit fraud, puts nude pictures of him up on the internet and steals his facebook account. The moral? Chase is wrong for spurning her because they were sexually incompatible.
  • Wayward Sons: Hermaz snarks one too many times, so Ethaynia uses her power to castrate him. Fortunately, he and most of the other characters have a Healing Factor.
  • In The Whiteboard, the male characters are quite free to beat up other male character and the female characters are quite free to beat up male characters, but no males have been seen or mentioned as beating on females. This strip and the one after it shows that Pirta hit Doc hard enough for him to have another near death experience.
  • Toyed with in Homestuck, though not so much in-story as in the fandom's interpretations of it. Vriska harasses and torments Tavros from the very start of the troll's arc, having paralyzed him and then demanding he apologize for being handicapped because he was weighing her down. This is all presented up-front without comment, since most of the trolls are somewhat morally dubious by human standards. But some fans have responded that Vriska's actions were justified, since she was 'only trying to help.' But if the genders were reversed, most readers would find Vriska's psychological abuse to be outright unacceptable, opening up a whole minefield of Unfortunate Implications.
    • Note that in-universe this ends up being an aversion as Vriska's abuse ends up escalating severely, ending in her murdering Tavros when he finally stands up to her.
    • Played sort of straight with Spades Slick and Snowman, but only because Slick is The Chew Toy who suffers abuse from everyone. Usually bringing it upon himself. Not to mention Slick is just as capable of dealing out punishment as Snowman and he ends up shooting her dead at the end of Act 5 (though not because of her tormenting behavior).
  • In Greg there are many instances where Greg gets abused by women.
  • Dumbing of Age: Joyce, an extremely sheltered girl entering college, honestly believes punching Joe has no effect as men are stronger than women. He very much does not think this is so.
    Joe: Pray for me? Maybe I'll pray for you to learn it's not cool to punch people in the face!
    * Beat*
    Joyce: But... but... guys can't actually get hurt by a girl. Guys are, like, strong.
  • San: Three Kingdoms Comic: Taken Up to Eleven. It's a regular occurrence for people to die simply because they pissed their wife off (though death is much less permanent when this happens).
  • In El Goonish Shive, Elliot and Sarah discuss the trope after they have just broken up.
    • The whole concept of the subspace hammers used early on in the strip were all about this trope. It was canonically stated that the hammers were created so women could get retribution on men who made sexist remarks without causing permanent injury. It was actually done to encourage such remarks for humor's sake and give everyone a reason to feel better about them later.

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