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Axis Powers Hetalia

  • Somewhat annoyingly, very common in Axis Powers Hetalia fandom when it pairs Belgium and Netherlands or Hungary and Prussia. In the first case, Belgium becomes a Bastard Girlfriend and it's okay because it's fetishized; in the second, Hungary beats up Prussia at the slightest provocation -usually with her Frying Pan of Doom- and it's okay because it's Played for Laughs. And let's not even discuss Belarus with Russia or Lithuania...Bela/Liet seems to be heading a little into Dude, Not Funny! territory lately, though.


  • This Love Hina and Kamen Rider Double crossover Love Hina Double Trouble deconstructs this to a brutal degree. As You Know, Keitaro isn't the first guy that Naru and Motoko would always whale on. In this story, one of their victims (who is a real pervert) gets back at them by killing another pervert and chucking his body near Hinata-Sou, thus framing them both for murder. Never in their life did they believe that their actions had consequences, until that moment. The real murderer even calls them out for their actions "Don't you two get it? You two are the monsters, not me! You two attack people just for gesturing at you wrong! I know! I've done my research into you two bitches! Parents tell their kids to stay away from people like you! You two are ten times scarier than I could ever be!" (says the guy that gropes women daily and kills a guy). Always thinking that they were exacting justice and never thought otherwise, this chilled both girls to the bone. Thankfully, this case has a happy ending, and the girls are cleared of all the charges and gain better control over their tempers... at least until Kirihiko moved in, unlike Keitaro, Kirihiko is considered to be something of an Acceptable Target.
    • It's pushed in even more as both of them are formally processed at the police station, as their attacks have made them prime suspects. It's revealed that Granny Hina has been intervening for them for years, which is why they aren't sitting in prison at the moment- and even then they both have very long rap sheets.
  • The Boy/Girl Meets World AU Crossover The Minkiad From their engagement on Jennifer Bassett is manipulative and abusive towards Stuart Minkus; Farkle and Minkus are verbally abused by Jennifer; Implied that Minkus is physically abused by her when he tries to protect Farkle and take the abuse meant for him; She also physically abuses Farkle at times during her marriage and greatly afterFarkle moves in with her.Minkus recognizes himself in the signs of a person in an abusive relationship;Point by point various scenes show the signs between Jennifer (the abuser) and Stuart and Farkle (the abusees), such as the abuser using psychological isolation from friends and family, gaslighting, bribing with gifts, half-hearted apologies, turning family members against each other, as well as victims walking on eggshells to avoid further rages, giving the abuser material goods to keep them happy, and apologizing even when they haven’t done anything wrong.At one point Farkle is sexually abused by not only Stuart from “Everybody Loves Stuart” but Sherry from “Cult Fiction” as well.The abuse is always portrayed seriously and something meant to be stopped; Frequently many of the characters such as Katy herself,who was physically abused and daughter was sexually abused by her husbandcompare Stuart’s marriage to Jennifer with Katy’s marriage to Kermit saying that they are the same. During his divorce andlater breakdown, Minkus is made a fool of by several comedians particularly SNL mocking also his abuse, something they probably would not do for a woman.

Death Note

  • In Fever Dreams many people just find it amusing when Misa stalks Light (or even consider him "lucky" to be stalked by a hot celebrity chick) and only when Misa gets really violent and crazy does anyone even consider calling the cops.

The Familiar of Zero

  • Subverted in Soldier of Zero. Initially, Saito finds Louise's affections towards Guiche (due to having accidentally drank a Love Potion) amusing at best and irritating at worst. Even when he's woken up in the night by Guiche screaming for help, he's mildly amused until he actually enters the room. There he sees the whole room looks like a tornado swept through and Louise trying to tear the pants off a terrified Guiche. Saito gives Louise an Armor-Piercing Slap and What the Hell, Hero?, though modified in a way it'll get through her addled mind, that sends her fleeing the room in shame.

Harry Potter


  • Subverted in The Legacy Of The Cursed Mask Series; although Kagome continues to sit InuYasha whenever he does something to anger her, neither Michiru nor Kaname approve of this and will even take steps to prevent her from doing so.

Love Hina

  • There are a couple of fanfictions that touch on this trope. Keitaro: Woman Hater, which focuses on this problem, as Keitaro points out all the examples of how girls abuse boys and get away with it, and this is before he goes to the Hinata Inn where he decides to finally do battle instead of letting himself get kicked around by the female cast. And then there's For His Own Sake which is about Keitaro getting tired of the abuse and leaving the Hinata Inn. The female cast are shocked by this and can't understand how he could be such a wimp and not take the abuse. Naru, especially, makes it her personal mission to make Keitaro's life a living hell until he gives in and returns to the Inn.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • This is subverted in Stallions On Strike. Twilight goes to jail when she struck Snowflake and was treated the same way a human male would get if he struck a female in public. The entire point of the story is that stallions are treated the same way real-world women are, but unlike the real-world feminist movement, stallions won't settle for being more equal.
  • The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine borrows heavily from harem manga tropes, including this. Most blatantly, Pinkie Pie's usual interaction with Dusk is to hit him in the balls with a crowbar. (And that's regular Pinkie - her alter ego drugged him, tied him up in a basement and beat him up.) Rainbow Dash has taken sexual advantage of him while he was under the influence of drugs, while Luna has had sex with him repeatedly in his dreams.


  • In Naruto fanfics, it is played straight in that many authors regularly have Tsunade blasting off Jiraiya with Super Strength punches, normally sending him to the female onsen for even more of a beating, as a source of comedy. Sakura's treatment of Naruto, however, is often treated as abuse, and she's called out by other characters or treated cruelly by the author for it.
  • In First Try Series it's subverted, Suzume reveals to Naruto that he shouldn't take Sakura's abuse and that his crush is unhealthy. Tolerating someone's abuse is not how love works. Naruto takes her advice and Sakura learns quickly that it was only Naruto's crush that let her land a hit. When Sakura tries to punch Naruto, he stops it and lets her off with a warning. When Sakura tried to report him, her report is put down and Naruto is seen in the right for defending himself.
  • In LordOfTheLandOfFire's "That Look", Anko pretends to be a young girl to do something nice once for a young Naruto, and is forced to keep doing it by Sarutobi. Eventually, through accidentally losing a race in which if she lost she'd be engaged to Naruto, she becomes his fiance and Naruto learns the truth about her. So, she's his girlfriend, and tends to get drunk, pulls him into bed, and brutally beats or publicly humiliates Naruto, who's 13 while she's 24. And nobody seems to treat this as a serious crime, or at least try and get Anko to stop. Now, imagine if this was a 24 year old man doing the same to a 13 year old girl.
  • Subverted in One Eye Full Of Wisdom. While in Wave Country, Kakashi takes Sakura and 10 clones of Naruto aside, and tells the clones to spend the rest of the day trying to piss Sakura off. Sakura is explicitly told not to touch any of them lest she fail this (much needed) anger management test. When Sakura later meets up with the rest of Team 7, she goes to Naruto and tells him to dispel his clones. Naruto cringes as the memories come back and braces for the inevitable beating. Only for Sakura to hug him and quietly apologize for how she treated him. It later gets revealed that while defiant at first, Naruto's offhanded comment of "You deserve this." made her consider how she treated him. She wasn't happy with it.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Scar Tissue: Due to her traumas during the Angel war and the Third Impact, Asuka steps up the abuse to physical (and later sexual) levels yet Shinji keeps covering for her because he believes that he deserves it due to what he did to her (masturbating ovetr her comatose body, leaving her dying, trying to kill her...). Misato turns a blind eye to his constantly replenishing bruises and broken bones... until Asuka goes overboard and puts him in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Cue Misato issuing a death threat to the girl who fully wanted to protest but was busy being terrified beyond rational thought, and Asuka being so sickened with herself that she finally starts to strive to control her temper.

One Piece

  • Averted completely in the (Crossfire) where the Marines capture Zoro who is pregnant with Luffy's child, and Impel Down's chief guard Sadi proceeds to torture and rape him for three months straight while he is being held captive. Once he is recovered, the rest of the crew, especially Luffy, make it clear that this is most certainly NOT okay when they tear down all of Impel Down. The aftermath of the whole experience is treated seriously by members of the crew and the author, while Zoro is left traumatized and disoriented up until he goes in to labor which, in the original cut of Crossfire, only makes things worse.

Ranma ½

  • The highly-controversial, flamewar-spawning Dark Fic The Bitter End portrayed an Alternative Character Interpretation of Akane which proposed that her violent outbursts, instead of comedy slapstick, were the result of deep-seated psychoses and possessiveness stemming from a massive inferiority complex. Not only that, but instead of taking the abuse like anyone else would take a light slap upside the head, Ranma was actually and seriously injured by Akane's abuse. And like many abuse victims, not only would he refuse to get away from Akane or even acknowledge that what she did was wrong, but his passivity would lead to progressively worse treatment. Eventually, Ukyo had Ranma go to a support group for battered spouses... which is entirely made up of women, most of whom can't understand why this strong-looking man is among them. Though Ukyo calls them on this, they stand firm on turning him away... until Ukyo reveals his curse, calling him the one guy who can truly understand what being a woman is like. After this, the group gradually warms up to him, especially as he teaches them self-defense and gives them another perspective on 'mens' minds'. "The Bitter End" is extremely well-written and well-researched, and it is widely considered a classic must-read for being one of the first Ranma ½ voices to speak openly about this delicate subject matter. (Though Fanon and character-bashing factions in the fandom, sadly, would take this interpretation and run with it as though it were canon.)


  • Averted in Kara Of Rokyn. As calling Parasite out on hurting his ex-girlfriend, Superman makes very clear that abuse is never okay, no matter who or what the perpetrator may be.
    <Geez, tough times. I never had that problem with my women.>
    <I've seen your record, Max. You slapped one around pretty badly one time. Got hauled into court, paid a fine, got a restraining order put on you, violated it, and went to jail for a few weeks.>
    <Well, yeah, there was that one.>
    <Well, then?>
    <Well, she deserved it. She—>
    <Max. Women never deserve anything like that. Neither do men. Do you understand?>


  • In Myah Lyah's The Princess and the Frog stories, this is very present, as Tiana slaps her husband's cousin for forcing himself on her, her husband for showing up at her mother's home and kissing her after she believed he cheated on her, her son's baseball coach for attempting to romance her while he was secretly married, and kicked a banker in the groin for requesting sex in exchange for a free loan, which was made worse by his being married to Charlotte. All for very deserving reasons, admittedly, so it could be understandable that none of them received any complaints, but then Naveen's mother lies to her husband about whether she wrote notes which successfully split up Tiana and Naveen's relationship and then kept this secret for 5 years, and when Naveen's father finds out what she's done, his only reaction is to grab her by the arm and briefly scold her. This gets a comment in the reviews!
    Your story is pretty good. The only thing is that the whole scene between Nagina and Kabir dropped the story down a couple notches in my opinion. I can understand a man having an argument with his wife, but for him to grab her wrist and attempt to intimidate her into submission was too much. Especially since the two of them had been acting very much in love at the beginning of the chapter. Two people in love to that extent could have a nasty fight but the love shared between the two would still be there. The dramatic shift from loving to hating was too abrupt and unnatural.
  • In The Darkness Within Us, a Persona 3 and 4 crossover, Chie becomes a princess and she has possession of Yosuke's very SOUL. And she uses it whenever she damn well pleases. Like if she wants a free feast. Mainly so he can't run away from her even though he's the fastest character on the good guys. It's Played For Laughs every time. The creator actually found nothing wrong with her abusing her friend and love interest and apparently he didn't know that that was something people sympathize with, not laugh at. WTF, indeed.
  • In Gravity Falls Rule 63, Patterson Southeast makes fun of Marcus Pines for his lack of manliness? How does Marcus' twin sister Dana respond? By punching Patterson in the face and throwing the documents about his ancestor at his feet.
  • In Shinra High SOLDIER, the main character Julia launches a marble at Cloud Strife's eye just because he was asleep in class and viciously chases Zack around with a sword because he accidentally entered the bathroom while she was taking a shower. Not only does she never get called out on her behavior, but everybody else either laughs at her antics or agrees with her.
  • Cori Falls's Pokémon fanfic series. Jessie's ex-boyfriend is painted as a monster of the worst kind for abusing Jessie, and the narrative makes it painfully clear that a man abusing a woman he's dating or married to is an unforgivable crime to the point where James has a Heroic BSoD anytime he so much as raises his voice to Jessie. But Jessie's allowed to treat James like shit 50% of the time and it's easily excused by her tragic past/her being "just tired and stressed" (sometimes both at the same time).
  • Subverted in the Pokémon Send Your Original Characters fanfic, Pokémon: Take Two. Raion's hitting her brother, Ry, in earlier chapters was Played for Laughs, but she gets called out on it in chapter seven, sees she was wrong and tries to make up for it.
  • In the Gensokyo 20XX series, this is downplayed and averted with Ren's older brother Baka and his then bitch wife (that is exactly what she is referred to) and neither is this seen as okay or normal, as Ren stated, to some degree, that was one of the reasons why he didn't like her, also pointing out that if he intervened, he would be told to be quiet, saying, "[...] Even though I didn't like your ex-wife and still don't, I never interfered, though I did state you could do better, doubly so for seeing you with a black eye and a missing patch of hair, yet I never intervened because, well, you'd be quick to tell to me be silent."
  • Inverted in New Reality. The female main character's attitude to Kratos makes a gold mines of comedies since she's practically asking for it.

  • Averted completely in The Question Volume 01where Victor Sage's mother is just like the father for physical and mental abuse to Victor. Something that is very clearly seen as wrong and evil. Also Victor's girlfriend at the start of the story was cheating on him and that is not down played either. Needless to say their relationship did not last long following that.

  • Averted in Dinah's Reality Check in Green Arrow Rebirth Comics where Oliver gets fed up with how Dinah Laurel Lance has been physically and mentally abusing him with calling her out on it big time. The author calls DC Comics out on their double standards as well.

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