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Double Entendre / Pinball

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  • In Bally's Capt. Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy, one of the triangle bumpers has a large-breasted woman holding a sign that reads "Feel Them Bumpers".
  • The playfield for WhizBang Pinball's Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons is filled with these and Does This Remind You of Anything?, almost always involving the three sexy Farmer's Daughters and their big melons.
    Hick: (pointing at a flock of geese) "Look at them honkers!"
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  • Bally's Playboy pinball has a playfield message that reads, "It takes steel balls to play pinball."
  • The Machine: Bride of Pin*Bot invokes this all over the playfield, such as the red flashers on the Machine's breasts, or the "One More Time" extra ball light between her legs.
  • True to the license, Elvira and the Party Monsters is simply loaded with these. Fortunately for more prudish operators, there's an option to tone the game down.
    "How 'bout another ball?"
    • The sequel, Scared Stiff, has both more jokes and more overt references:
      (After the player has gotten a Shrunken Head)
      Elvira: "He always wanted a little head!"
  • Prominently featured in Stern Pinball's Family Guy. Guess which character says it!
    Quagmire: "You must be a flipper, 'cause you can smack my balls around any time!"
  • Featured in 3D Realms' Balls of Steel, especially the "Duke Nukem" table.
    Duke Nukem: "No alien's gonna take my balls!"
    • The game's original box art showed a female hand holding a large pair of pinballs, with the phrase "Come play with our balls."
  • Heavily used in Big Bang Bar, where the suggestive and ribald humor is a big part of the appeal.
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  • In Monster Bash, the Bride of Frankenstein will comment, "I heard he's got a monstrous organ."
  • America's Most Haunted doesn't miss a single opportunity to indulge in this.
    "You knew right where to put your balls!"

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