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  • This Questionable Content strip is actually entitled "SUBTEXT!"
  • This strip of The Order of the Stick has so much no-so-Innocent Innuendo that Belkar had to give a Shout-Out in response to not witnessing it.
  • This El Goonish Shive comic seems to parallel Involuntary Shapeshifting to a certain stage in human sexual development (Bow Chicka Bow Wow).
    • On the political side, we have the Uryuom government, which is supposedly secular, but still passes some laws forbidding things the most popular religion disapproves of.
  • Look at the second panel of this Nerf NOW!! comic. If you can't figure it out, just look at the photo notes on it.
  • Penny Arcade does this in "Forbidden Fruit"
  • The Non-Adventures of Wonderella treats Hitlerella fighting another superhero (and kidnapping her sidekick) as infidelity in a romantic relationship. This only escalates their already enormous levels of Foe Yay.
  • Girl Genius:
    • Gil and Agatha's rapid-fire exchange of ideas on how to cure Tarvek gradually get more breathless and excited as they go on, culminating in a Geeky Turn-On. Mad science as foreplay, full-on experimentation standing in for the sex, which would in this case have been a threesome. Oh, and did we mention Gil was shirtless the whole time, and Tarvek completely naked for the first half or so? With an explosive, satisfying conclusion. Violetta plainly said it:
      Violetta: Jeez, you Sparks get all into your freakish, twisted courtship rituals
    • This strip and it's implications useing Death Rays:
      Agatha: I hardly know him!
      Castle Heterodyne: What's to know? His family is powerful, his spark burns strong, he's already taken with you...
      Agatha: But—
      Castle Heterodyne: And you cannot deny that he has a magnificent death ray.
      Agatha: [blushing] ... That's... That's hardly a basis for a stable relationship.
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    • In the novel Agatha H. and the Airship City, when Agatha is looking for Gil's arsenal to fight slaver wasps, she assumes he's just hiding it because he's embarrassed that they're too small.
      Agatha: I'm sure that next time you'll build a much bigger one, but trust me, right now any Death Ray, will do, no matter how—
      Gil: I. DO. NOT. HAVE. A. DEATH. RAY!
  • Lampshaded in this strip from The Adventures of Dr. McNinja.
    "I think he's gay too"
  • In post-hiatus Fans!, due to a totally broken masquerade and a well-respected polyamorous "triad," the hot-button issues seem to be polygamous and vampire marriage. Gay marriage hasn't been mentioned, although it's been implied gay rights have made impressive leaps over the Time Skip. A point of irony is that both vampires and polygamists seem to enjoy Mormon support.
  • This installment of Sinfest is possibly the only thing in existence to blur the distinction between astronomy and sex.
  • This Misfile strip:
    Ash: I got it all set up for you. Just slip it in.
    Emily: All right already. Just give me a second. It's the first time I've done something like this.
    Ash: That's perfect.
    Emily: I still don't know what I'm allowed to touch and what I can't. It's so gross and oily.
    Ash: That's perfect. Now put in another one.
    Emily: This is making my fingers all slippery.
    Ash: You get used to it when you do this for a while.
    Rumisiel: (listens in, drooling)
    • The awesome topper to this conversation is when Ash's dad arrives, asks Ash to go pick up dinner, and asks Emily, "Do you eat fish?"
  • In Amazoness!!, the Amazons' attitude to heterosexual relationships mirrors modern intolerance of homosexuality: teenagers find it hilarious and perverse, and parents are mortified at the thought of it.
  • In Coming Up Violet a mini-sex scandal develops around the titular character when her boyfriend starts spreading lies about their first date, the boyfriend is on the lacrosse team. Many Americans will most likely remember something similar happening at a certain university in 2006.
  • The whole "Comic in Crisis" mini-arc from Sluggy Freelance (beginning here) bares more than a few similarities to the Monica Lewinsky scandal that was going on at the time.
  • The "Prop-NA" storyarc in Nukees, where based on the oft-cited axiom that marriage is a religious institution, Cecilia (who isn't 100% straight) starts a movement to ban atheists from marrying for fairly blatant personal reasons... and actually gains popular support (that's California).
  • K'seliss the lizardman has an embarrassing instinctual reflex happen when he's threatened by mechanical bugs in the current dungeon crawl in Goblins; his head crest raises. Since he'd previously said that he doesn't "swing that way" (he only kills what he can eat, and considers fighting, eating and sex to be subsets of the same category,) he blames his reaction to inedible war machines to be caused by thinking of a "battle he had AGES ago." And he takes time out to see if the other party members have noticed his gallant reflex.
  • Ozy and Millie turned a Mattress Tag Gag into one of these; Llewellyn (who has declared his property to be a sovereign country) decides to legalize cutting tags off mattresses. The U.S. is not happy with this, and ends up deploying border patrols to prevent people from smuggling mattresses between the two countries. In case you're confused, this arc was written around the time Canada was considering legalizing marijuana. (It failed, but still.)
  • In Homestuck, the other trolls make fun of Karkat's tiny horn size. Karkat also has an unusual blood colour, which he believes is unnatural and destined to get him persecuted in society, and so 'closets' himself by using grey as his signature colour and getting extremely defensive whenever anyone talks about blood.
    • Much of the humor from troll-human conversations comes from the trolls not caring about homosexuality or incest, but getting very uncomfortable when someone mentions... buckets.
    • The author has a habit of putting obvious sexual imagery in the trolls' death scenes.
      • Vriska impales Tavros on his own lance after he tries to stab her with it. It doesn't help that the two are canonically stalker and victim.
      • Eridan shoots Feferi and Sollux- his ex-girlfriend, and a boy he was trying to hate-flirt with minutes ago- with a wand, which is specifically stated several times to shoot "white magic".
      • Kanaya takes down Gamzee with a Groin Attack.
    • The trope experiences a subversion when Clubs Deuce flips the fuck out after realizing the object he was hitting Doze with was apparently a BULL PENIS CANE.
    • At one point Dirk tells Jake he's about to make "a weird confession that may change the way you feel about me." Jake — and the reader — assumes that he's about to confess his gay crush on Jake. Instead his confession is that he's from the future.
  • Errant Story has a few of these, one of the better ones coming when Sarine observes Jon fondling her Magic Sword, which has the cool property of expanding from a small crystal to a taut, vibrating focus for magical energy when turned on (so to speak). You couldn't possibly imagine that there might be Unresolved Sexual Tension between those two, could you?
    Sarine: Please don't put your finger there.
  • School Bites: the vampire schoolgirls are given potions to control their bloodlust, so they only have to drink blood once a month.
  • Moon Crest 24: Using a drill to escape an underground colony, hmm...
  • In this Wapsi Square strip Monica and Shelly overhear an interesting exchange between Tina and Jacqui.
  • Unlife has a woman electing to become a zombie (zombies retain their sentience). The dialogue sounds a lot like a woman having sex for the first time... at first.
  • Many readers have noticed the ambiguous meaning of Harris' Animal Motif in Blindsprings. A falcon seating over an encaged quail. Tammy's own bird is a quail; so is the falcon preying on the quail? Or it is protecting it?


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