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People who prefer going barefoot in fanfiction.

  • Petunia describes Angela from Eragon this way. Not surprising, since it focuses on her Cloudcuckoolander personality.
  • Terra Caldwell from Convergent Paths (a Pokémon fanfic) is almost always barefoot. She is a "Mother Earth" character who likes meditating. Lampshaded in chapter 62, where Daniel specially mentions her "strange aversion to shoes".
  • Abelia from Pokemon: Rise of the Young Adventurers, and Vanna Seabright from the same story arc. Not really surprising, given the author's personal preferences.
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  • Aki, Shinji and Asuka's daughter in the Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic, The Second Try and its sequel, Aki-chan's Life. Said character is an absolutely adorable little 4-year old who inherited her mother's stubbornness, to the point her parents gave up trying to force the issue unless it was necessary (such as dropping her off for Kindergarten; Aki was ''not'' happy about this)
  • In Agent Loki: International Man of Mayhem, Loki doesn't get cold and therefore walks around the neighborhood without a coat or shoes. To the point where his neighbors don't know him by his psudonym Luke, but as "the no-shoes guy".
  • Sonic the Hedgehog fancomic Ghosts of the Future introduces Silver's sister Venice, who is always seen barefoot. Granted, she's only ever seen in her home or, later, a hospital bed, where it's not atypical, but her character sheet explicitly notes she "likes to go barefoot", implying it's more than that. In addition, Nicole also goes barefoot, as per the character's original design, while Tikal and Scourge lose the shoes from their original designs.
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  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/Godzilla Crossover fic Shadows of Giants, Fluttershy is sent to the human world and turned into a human. Kenji teaches her humans wear clothes, but she remains barefoot, only wearing sandals when she goes outside, and often forgetting to put them on.
  • Xanna (and later Naruto) in the Reaching for a Dream series hates wearing shoes. Even when wearing rather impressive looking (if impractical) armor, she always goes barefoot because she finds it more comfortable. It helps that she's a demon and by the end of the story both she and Naruto are gods.
    • Naruto exploits this in a later story by making a bet where the loser has to wear an outfit he selects that includes high heels. Xanna hates them so much that she doesn't ask about the rest of the outfit, which includes a collar that negates her powers.
  • As the title implies, Harry Potter in ''Barefoot goes barefoot as often as possible. This is because he can learn the history of anything he touches and notes all the things he can learn through his soles.
  • In the How to Train Your Dragon fanfic Family Meeting, memories of the adult vikings of Berk take an interesting turn when it's mentioned that Valka liked to run barefoot as a child. She gets a bit embarrassed when that is brought up. Too bad the other adults have told their children...
  • In the Overwatch Mafia AU fanfic Running with an Angel, Mercy is taken hostage by the Shimada Criminal Empire. As their prisoner, she is stripped of all her valuables, and her outdoor clothing, which includes her shoes and socks. When Genji, who has become smitten with her, sneaks her out to the Shimada gardens for a date, Mercy is still barefoot, but delights in being able to feel the grass under her feet.
    • Another fanfic, The Strings of Fate, has Mercy go barefoot on 3 different occasions within the first 6 chapters. Angela (Mercy) always seems to be barefoot when she's not busy working.
  • A.A. Pessimal's Discworld fic Hyperemesis Gravidarum sees Assassins' Guild student and long-distance runner Mariella Smith-Rhodes setting out for a race. She is from the Discworld's Expy of South Africa and like Zola Budd (Real life, below) prefers to compete barefoot, for much the same reasons.


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