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  • Sluggy Freelance
    • Oasis has used this to her advantage more than once in her pursuit of Torg. When getting ready to fight Oasis, one of Riff's preparations is a "censorizing black bar" launcher, designed to cover up any "distracting nudity".
    • The first time Torg and Bun Bun meet Oasis. They are in the middle of a fight in a lake. Second Frame, both stare as Oasis swims by nude. "Game called on account of naked chick."
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    • Way back around strip #27 or so when Zoe was introduced, Zoe locked her keys in the car with it running, but Torg and Riff are distracted by a hot chick who asks them to help her find her lost makeup case.
    • Torg has trouble telling the boobs — er, story — because Sasha just took off her shirt.
  • Silent Hill: Promise: The gag ending where Vanessa promptly forgets all about her search and jumps Borje, leading to a long, satisfying relationship with him.
  • In Unit-M, Shield's physique and form-fitting outfits regularly command the attention of other characters. Not so much her teammates, though.
  • Ménage à 3:
    • DiDi can cause this practically any time she leaves the house; an early example came when she stripped to a tiny bikini in a park, causing multiple collisions.
    • While on a mad dash to stop DiDi from copulating with Gary, Zii gets distracted by two cute gay guys kissing right after asserting that nothing could distract her. She's quite prone to being distracted by anything sexy at any time, especially given her personal tastes.
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    • DiDi and Kiley show that the trope continues to work here.
  • Here's a good example from Joyce and Walky that nicely illustrates the newlywed variation of this trope.
  • Something*Positive: Nancy's first appearance in the strip is as arm candy for Davan thanks to a plan cooked up by Aubrey and Jason to make his high-school classmates feel... inadequate. And boy does she ever.
  • In Wapsi Square, Monica can cause this from time to time. And again with some help from Shelly.
  • Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff: "it was at that point when i got distracted by his moms HOT ASS..." [sic]
  • Survivor: Fan Characters
    • This is Minerva Mink's strategy — her entire alliance was based around guys who found her hot, most notably P. Bear, who liked her only because she was hot.
    • Montana also pulls this off on every guy in her tribe after Issac is voted out — she goes topless for a day to celebrate, and it allows her to speak better with the guys who are normally very hush-hush (it even cures Alex's stutter).
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  • The Fourth: Lord Skärva, having become a bit more Genre Savvy, turns this into an Evil Plot, preparing to have Princess Veronika fall in love with the hero, Blank. The idea is, once Blank's love for the princess is requited, he'll be too busy to defeat Skärva.
  • Kat Smith in Rival Angels is forcing the referee to be distracted by her sexy in this strip.
  • In League of Super Redundant Heroes, one of the characters has the super power of distracting. Oh, and don't ask for her suit.
  • From the Irregular Webcomic! annotations:
    I did half a year of French at high school. I don't think I absorbed much beyond "Je m'appelle David." You'd think I would have paid more attention to the luscious young Miss P. who was our teacher... or maybe that was my problem.
  • In Sinfest, Seymour and Monique, here.
  • Eerie Cuties/Magick Chicks uses it as a Running Gag with Tiffany:
    • She got distracted by Faith, when she mind-sexts her, during her latest attempt to stake Layla... while sleeping with yet another girl!
    • She inadvertently returns the favor when her unexpected appearance causes Faith to seemingly forget that she and the rest of the student council may have walked into a trap! Instead, she starts turning on the charm.
    • There was also the time that Layla invited her to double up with her on a blind date with her ex-fiance Dio. Tiffany hesitates, until Layla flashes a photo of him. So much for staking vampires.
    • And it happens to her kid brother, Dusky, during the "Siren Brawl" bonus story. They were supposed to be keeping an eye out for monsters, but he had his eye on Tracy Milligan's ass, causing Tiff to Dope Slap him!
  • In Commander Kitty, CK is frequently susceptible to this. Considering how both Zenith and the Alpha Droids turn out to be androids, perhaps he's a closeted Robosexual?
  • Sequential Art: Kat trying on a borrowed swimsuit that's way too big for her, to the point of threatening to fall off if she weren't holding onto the garment, distracts Art from thinking about how to escape a Reality Show also serving as a prison for those threatening to reveal a covert Alien Invasion.
  • In Evon, Herodotus uses this trope to his advantage after he and Evon lose their clothes to a misfired teleport spell. First he negotiates a good sale price on their bird mounts by distracting the stable keeper with Evon's naked body (against her will), then uses his own naked body on a tailor to get a good deal on some new clothes. (Note that this all happens in Chapter 3.5, a Fanservice-oriented bonus chapter.)
  • Joel of Forever16 is very in to Michelle's dancing to Zumba Fitness.
  • El Goonish Shive
  • Supermegatopia: Distraction Damsel's superpower gives her the ability to have a well-time Wardrobe Malfunction that stops villains (and everyoone else) their tracks. It works surprisingly well.
  • In Girl Genius, Higgs and Zeetha have a mutual Distracted by the Sexy moment whilst caught up in the middle of a stampede escaping from Mechanicsburg, which leads to them making out (and likely more, but we'll never know) inside a giant clank. The distraction ends up being beneficial, though, because it's the only reason that they're not in the town when the timestop occurs.
    • Utterly averted by Agatha, though - her two rival suitors are both in the same room as her, one shirtless and one completely naked, and she never even acknowledges it. Justified in that she's a Mad Scientist trying to work out a way to save both of their lives, and getting distracted would mean they would both wind up dead in a matter of hours.
    • Agatha tries to distract people with the sexy when she's on the train, figuring that if an assassin broke into her compartment and found a young lady covered only by a Modesty Towel, he'd pause for long enough her friends to kill them. This is her idea of "a normal-person plan". It ends up working exactly once - everyone else that bursts into her compartment is a friend, or at least an ally.
  • Homestuck has a fairly mild example in the first meeting between John and Roxy. Roxy asks him to tell her about his adventures so far (i.e., practically the whole comic) but winds up listening to none of it because she's too busy evaluating him as boyfriend material (and liking what she sees).
  • In The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, TJ can drink soda or watch the very well-built Amal strip down for a shower, but not both at once.
  • A hilarious example occurs in the "Growing Pains in the Neck" roleplay of White Dark Life. Maxmillian Schneider, who, due to a... strange childhood, has no understanding of his libido, nonetheless gets distracted enough to walk into a pole upon noticing Esther Mokary's recent growth spurt.
  • This exchange from Narbonic, where Mel tells her boyfriend Caliban that she has to go on a black-ops mission:
    Caliban: "We'd better have sex tonight."
    Mel: "Because I might die and we'll never see each other again?"
    Caliban: "You what? Sorry, I wasn't listening."
  • In The Order of the Stick it's usually the first idea of Elan when it comes to using illusions. It usually doesn't work.
  • Invoked by Bailey in one page of Avialae, when he exercises while shirtless in front of his boyfriend Gannet.
    Gannet: Will you please do that somewhere else? You're very distracting.
    Bailey (smugly): Am I?
    Gannet: Immensely. I'm trying to read these deeply boring books.
    Bailey (moves to kiss Gannet): Maybe I'm trying to distract you.


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