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Melody, my girl, you are a menace to navigation.

  • Archie Comics
    • Archie would occasionally have this problem. Once he somehow managed to trip over a floor buffer in a hallway that had been two frames earlier completely clear.
    • Another notable example is Veronica deliberately pulling this trope on the boys in gym class, much to Coach Kleats' annoyance. Archie gets back at her by strolling through the girls' gym class in the same way.
  • In Asterix the Legionary, Obélix is distracted by the lovely Panacea walking by, and walks into a tree... knocking it over.
    • Likewise, in Asterix in Egypt, Cleopatras nose is very distracting (but only leads to verbal accidents).
  • In an early Batgirl story some crooks fighting Batman and Robin get distracted when Batgirl checks her leg for a run in her tights. Batman later says that her feminine vanity came in handy, but she knew exactly what she was doing.
  • When Katherine "Kate" Kane was just getting involved in crimefighting, before she first donned the Batwoman costume, she was eavesdropping on several criminals in a bar as they were discussing their upcoming operation. During the conversation one of the men questions the other, Jackson, on if he was paying attention or not. Jackson explains that he was "admiring the view" and is seen openly staring at Kate, then turns to the other man and dares him to say he was not having the exact same thoughts.
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  • Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire. K-BONK! (NSFW)
    Abner: Hm. You must get that a lot.
    Louisa Dem Five: Abner, I cause so many moral crises that the Slag Bah consider me a religion.
  • During The Death of Superman, Superboy encounters Supergirl for the first time, his eyes gaze at her chest as he gags out "I was chest choking!"
  • In the early issues of Supergirl Vol. 5, Supergirl was constantly distracted by Nightwing and made a fool of herself several times where she spent too long gawking at him.
  • Seen every so often in Gold Digger with characters of either gender. Gina Diggers herself isn't above being distracted by a nice piece of beefcake, for example.
  • Melody (pictured) from Josie And The Pussy Cats is the poster girl for this trope. When male characters see her, they uncontrollably fall for her and lose all sense of anything else, frequently leading to chaos; although, she is usually oblvious to this.
    • She nearly got lynched by a town full of angry teenage girls whose boyfriends got distracted by her. And she only escaped because Alan M is her male counterpart. The other Pussycats have stated that they have "more of a chance" to get dates in winter simply because she has to cover her figure with warmer clothing.
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    • She is also a dumb blonde. One time they put her in a heavy fur coat, and the guys are STILL going crazy, which prompts Josie to say, "I dunno. Maybe they have good memories?" And she ignores it.
    • In another, Melody chases off some boys to get "peace and quiet," while Josie and Valerie get depressed.
  • German comic Lula und Yankee: Yankee and his buddies make a tour on a tractor through the countryside. Because this trope happens, they end up in a military area by accident. Hilarity Ensues (well, kind of).
  • Tara of Queen and Country sneaks through a military checkpoint despite carrying forged paperwork, driving a stolen car, and bleeding from a bullet wound by passing over a nude picture of herself with her ID. It backfires later when one of the guards identifies her specifically because the incident cemented her appearance in his mind.
  • In "The Heroic Life and Mortifying Death of Radioactive Man", when Plasmo the Mysticmore  has called the Superior Squadron to 665 1/2 South Purgatory:
    Captain Squid (thinking): Something isn't right here. Why did Plasmo contact us via video when he usually sends his astral image? And why are we meeting here, instead of at Plasmo's Sanctimonious Sanctum Sanctorum? Maybe I should share these concerns with the rest of the group to prepare us for a possible catastrophe! Wow! Lure Lass sure looks great in her new mini-skirt! Now, what was I going to warn the group about?
  • Smurfette in The Smurfs elicits this kind of response from her fellow Smurfs, as seen on the cover of the children's book Meet Smurfette.
  • Spider-Man;
    • Peter Parker when he first meets Mary Jane at a dinner (Amazing SpiderMan #43):
    Aunt May: Would you mind passing the butter, Peter?
    Peter: (staring at Mary Jane) No—not at all!
    Aunt May: Then why don't you pass it, dear?
    Peter: Pass what?
    • This was also a Running Gag whenever he had to sneak past the bikini-clad Candi, Randi, and Bambi, three neighbors who frequently sunbathed on the roof of their building. And to both Flash and Harry when they showed up at Peter and Mary Jane's housewarming party later.
  • In the German comic Werner: Werner's dream woman in Volle Latte! She even spends a considerable amount of time totally naked because when Ørg drew her for Werner, he didn't draw any clothes on her.
  • An issue of X-Men: First Class detailing Black Widow's first foray into catsuits had several concussed members of A.I.M. taking the time to discuss her, rather than their severe Natasha-inflicted injuries.
  • During Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men, when the X-Men are trapped on Breakworld and Colossus, during a quiet moment, worries excessively about the situation, Kitty Pryde invokes this trope, stopping Piotr's downward angst spiral by emerging from behind a curtain, completely naked.
    Colossus: Now I am more confused. But somehow not as tired...
  • Black Moon Chronicles: Early on in the series Wismerhill and his friends develop a routine where Feydriva will suffer an "accidental" Wardrobe Malfunction when one of her Breast Plates falls off so that Pilou can steal the purse of any gentleman who will be distracted by this sight.
  • Sabretooth & Bonnie Hale in Mary Shelley Overdrive. Creed saves Bonnie from strange soldiers who were after her. Taking her to his place, he demands answers. Just as confused but turned on, Bonnie kisses Creed & says she loved the fighting. Undressing, she leans into him & mutters a please. Creed doesn't take much seducing & they have sex for a few hours. After finishing, Creed asks if she wants to answer his questions now.
  • This is sometimes used as justification for Red Sonja's Chainmail Bikini against her (usually) male opponents. There are no other justifications offered.
  • Ultimate Marvel
    • All-New Ultimates: Diamondback kisses Spider-Man, and he does not notice that Taskmaster is aiming at him. But when he fires, he shots Diamondback by accident instead.
    • Ultimate Galactus Trilogy: Subverted. The scientists are taking their seats, but Lawson is taking his sweet time to do so, because he's "just looking at her". Carol Danvers? No, the Asis ship, in the window right behind her.
    • Ultimate FF
    Iron Man: Step away from her, you... extremely attractive fish lady. Hello there!
  • Superboy (1994): Kon-El has this problem constantly, exacerbated by the fact that he spends a lot of time near the beach where all the ladies are dressed in flattering swimwear. He's irritated by his Young Justice teammate Robin's apparent immunity to such distractions.
  • Rat Queens has the Four Daves use this as a combat tactic: the illusionist conjures a floating naked woman while his party members attack the distracted enemies.
  • Scooby-Doo! Team-Up: Nelson can't tell if Sam Simeon looks like a gorilla or not because he's "too busy" looking at Angel.
    Angel: Keep that up, buddy, and you'll be seeing everything through two black eyes!


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