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Disproportionate Retribution / The Nostalgia Critic

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  • He got sent to jail for making an unpopular Let's Play.
  • He gets terrorized and later killed by Teddy Ruxpin for giving a negative review.
  • We only hear about it, but he mouthed off to his Dad once with "this is the nineties, old man" and was punished so badly that he never did it again.
  • Another one from his childhood where he got grounded for a week just for playing with a baby Jesus doll and pretending it was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
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  • Douchey's whole shtick is to want the Critic hanged, waterboarded or tortured in some other fashion for the great crimes of things like wearing eyeliner, not being good at maths and mispronunciation of names.
  • Critic reviewing Paranoia ends up with Brad sending a man with a horse's head to rape him. And when Snob becomes the site owner in 2019, he makes Critic the Sex Slave.
  • In Maven's “Monster Mash” episode, he beat a little girl to death because she confused him for being the Nerd. Used to show that there is something very wrong with him post-comeback.
  • In The Cat in the Hat, Evilina slaps Critic lightly on the arm. He then retaliates by punching her in the back of the head and tells her to shut up when she cries.
  • In That Sci Fi Guy's The Sixth Day crossover, Critic threatens him with if he doesn't most of the review work, he'll slit his (TSFG's) wrists and then leave him for housekeeping to find.
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  • In Disney Afternoon, Critic beats Malcolm down hard for reminding him of first Doug and secondly DuckTales (1987). The results aren't even treated in an Amusing Injuries way either, as the poor guy stays in pain for the whole episode.
  • In his time as a Captive Date with Hyper, no matter what Critic did, it probably didn't warrant her cutting his toe off.
  • Double subverted when, as punishment for making fun of Don Bluth, Critic has to play Dragon's Lair. As he says, it doesn't seem like much, but it's really hard, and Bluth confirms he made him do an LP because Bart's Nightmare totally bombed and this will be a reminder for him.
  • In Mad Max: Fury Road, he gets kidnapped, chained up and about to be shot by the toxic masculinity fanboys just for not having it as his favorite of the franchise.
  • In Speed Racer, he says he's kidnapping Sage because Sage has trolled him a bit, but it's obvious by the end that he's doing it because he's messed in the head.
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  • In Jem and the Holograms, because Malcolm took her diet coke, Tamara stabbed him in the eye with a pen. Critic acts like it's a common occurrence.
  • Calling back to the examples in Critic's childhood, the little girl in Labyrinth gets intentionally traumatized by 80s movies just for having a tantrum typical of her age.
  • Tamara will sometimes post totally adjusted comments screaming at her that she deserves to die or be abused for not having watched movies like Home Alone.


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