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Disproportionate Retribution / Pinball

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  • In the infamous "Move Your Car" mode from Bally's Creature from the Black Lagoon, the player tries to blow up a huge van that is blocking his vision at a drive-in theater. Weapons include dynamite, a bazooka, a flamethrower, and an atomic bomb... but the van itself remains unscathed.
  • "Joe's Diner" from The Flintstones also invokes this, being a Spiritual Successor to "Move Your Car". An irate diner retaliates against the hapless drive-thru clerk with a punch in the face, followed by a grenade through the window.
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  • Occurs throughout the Judge Dredd pinball, such as a civilian sentenced to a year in prison for flatulence.
  • In No Good Gofers, the "Cart Attack" round allows the player to attack Bud and Buzz — a pair of gophers — with missiles fired from a golf cart.

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