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The James Bond villains do love to take a plunge either because of their incompetence or Bond tossed them off.

  • Dr. No: The Three Blind Mice, henchmen of the titular villain, give chase to Bond on a hearse after botching an earlier attempt to kill him. In a dramatic car chase, Bond outruns them by driving through a construction site on a hill, causing the hearse to veneer off course, fall into a ravine and explode while trying to avoid construction equipment. When a nearby construction worker asks Bond what happened, 007 states the Mice "were on their way to a funeral," or rather, their own doom.
  • Goldfinger: Kisch is thrown over a railing to his doom inside the Fort Knox gold vault by Oddjob to prevent him from turning off the nuclear device.
    • As for the titular villain, he makes the mistake of taking his gun onboard a plane that Bond takes after his attempted scheme. Bond wrestles with him, gets ahold of the gun, and fires it, breaking a window and causing decompression that sucks Goldfinger out though said window.
  • Thunderball: Quist is sent by Largo to murder Bond in his Nassau hotel suite, but blundered into a booby-trap the spy had prepared and quickly overpowered. For bungling the job, Largo tosses him into a Shark Pool.
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service: After Bond and Tracy escape from Piz Gloria, several SPECTRE mooks fall off a cliff while chasing them during the ski chase. One unlucky henchman who didn't pay attention falls into the path of a large snowblower and gets shredded in pieces, causing Bond to state "he had lots of guts," all the while the snowblower spits out blood and human parts.
  • Bond tosses a SPECTRE mook off a railing in Diamonds Are Forever.
    • During the fight between Bond and Those Two Bad Guys Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, 007 first neutralizes Kidd by dousing cognac on the flaming skewers, setting him on fire. Within seconds, Kidd is engulfed in flames, and in desperation, he jumps overboard to his death.
    • Also in the same scene, Tiffany Case throws a cake at Wint, but she misses and this reveals a bomb hidden in the cake. Using this as a distraction, Bond gains the upper hand against Wint, pulling the villain's coat-tails between his legs, and tying his hands and the bomb together with them. Bond then tosses Wint overboard, and the bomb explodes and kills him moments before he hits the water.
  • Live and Let Die: In the film, Bond throws Tee-Hee Johnson out the window of a speeding train.
  • In The Spy Who Loved Me, a mook is almost falling, if not for holding Bond's tie. After 007 gets useful info outta him, he causes the henchman to fall to his death. Who'd have thought the Roger Moore era would have one of the nastiest bits of cold-blooded murder committed by Bond in the series?
    • Giving chase to Bond's Wet Nellie (a Lotus Esprit S1), a motorbike assassin tries to kill 007 and the Bond Girl with a warhead sidecar. While Bond manages to swerve Wet Nellie in time and avoid a collision with a truck carrying mattresses, the sidecar explodes into the rear of the truck, causing the assassin to be momentarily distracted, lose control and plunge into a ravine with feathers on his face. "All those feathers and he still can't fly."
    • Also during the chase scene, Jaws and a carload of assassins attempt to shoot at Bond, who is able to throw off their pursuit using the Wet Nellie's defenses. The car ends up down a cliff and into the roof of a small hut. The car explodes, but Jaws just walks out through the door, dusting himself as if nothing odd happened.
  • Moonraker:
    • In The Teaser, Bond is thrown out of an airplane with no parachute. He is able to intercept a mook, fight him in midair, and take his parachute, leaving the mook to die on impact.
    • Bond throws Chang (the first Dragon) through a glass window. He falls to his death by impaling a piano with a loud clang.
  • For Your Eyes Only:
    • A Lawyer-Friendly Cameo of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Bond's Arch-Enemy and the former head of SPECTRE, fakes a message from Bond's office and sends a helicopter to pick him up. He then kills the pilot and assumes remote control of the chopper. Taunting Bond, he causes the chopper to make several near misses on high buildings before steering it into a disused factory where it will inevitably crash. Bond (naturally) manages to disable the remote control and regain control of the helicopter before the crash, then dumps him down a tall industrial smokestack to his death, all the while Blofeld begs 007 to spare him ("Mr. Bonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd!"). Bond Villain Stupidity + Karma Houdini Warranty = Killed Off for Real.
    • The hitman Locque is in his car dangling over the side of a cliff. Bond tells him "You forgot this" (he had just killed the Bond girl) and tosses him his own calling card, an ironic Dove of Peace pin. Locque breathes a sigh of relief when the expected Last Straw reaction doesn't occur. Bond then KICKS the car hard, sending it tumbling off the cliff.
    • A mook named Apostis tries to cut Bond from scaling the mountain where the Big Bad's lair is and make him suffer this. Bond is able to throw a knife in him and cause him to fall. We also get to see his body land in front of Bond's comrades.
    • Erich Kriegler follows the trope perfectly: he is shoved out a window and falls off the mountain to his death, but we don't see him land.
  • Octopussy: Gobinda, Kamal's dragon, gets a airplane antenna in the face courtesy of 007, and this causes him to lose his grip and fall off the top of the plane.
  • A View to a Kill: Max Zorin falls off the Golden Gate Bridge after trying to hack Bond to death with a fire axe.
  • The Living Daylights:
    • An assassin cuts an MI-6 agent's rock-climbing rope at the start.
    • Toward the end, Bond tosses Necros, another assassin, out of a plane. "He got the boot."
  • Licence to Kill: Two of Sanchez's enforcers go sailing off of a cliff in their truck. While the truck is on fire.
  • The Big Bad of GoldenEye suffers a spectacularly gruesome and Rasputinian Death. Bond deliberately drops Janus/Alec Trevelyan from a giant satellite antenna, and we see him hit the ground and break every bone in his body. But he doesn't die until the antenna explodes and comes crashing down in flames right on top of him... as he watches, screaming the whole time. But considering how treacherous Janus/Trevelyan was, he kinda had it coming.
  • Tomorrow Never Dies: Bond punches a mook off a catwalk, and he falls into a printing press. "They'll print anything these days."
  • Die Another Day: Colonel Tan-Sun Moon apparently plunges to his death in a waterfall. But it turns out he survived and used plastic surgery to alter himself into Gustav Graves.
    • Three of Gustav Graves/Colonel Tan-Sun Moon' North Korean henchmen are sucked out of Graves' plane.
  • Skyfall: Bond tries a High-Altitude Interrogation on Patrice, who refuses to talk and falls, seemingly voluntarily, to his death.
  • Spectre: There's several cases here:
    • In The Teaser, Marco Sciarra and the helicopter pilot are chucked off by Bond from a chopper mid-flight.
    • Bond tosses a guard away from a balcony after bailing out of the SPECTRE meeting.
    • C/Max Denbigh falling from the top of his own HQ building. In the latter case we do see the initial slip and the body, but not the fall itself. As with the above example with Janus, Denbigh kinda had it coming.

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