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Not all webcomics have continuous running plots, so some of them get to escape Fanon Discontinuity. It's also easy to skip over the worst parts, especially when going through an Archive Trawl. These moments, on the other hand, still stick out like a sore thumb to some.

Note: No personal examples. Examples are meant to be in reference to groups of fandom.

  • There are a good many Wotchers who do their best to forget Consequences. Or, at the very least, the part of it where a formerly 30-year-old man both accepts that he is now a high school girl and is OK with it because he was lonely as an adult.
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  • Cuanta Vida fans are divided on whether or not Red and Sniper died.
  • Whether or not the ending of Bob and George happened depends greatly on whether you think the Rule of Funny excuses it.
  • Fans of Ctrl+Alt+Del do this with the miscarriage storyline.
  • Some people like to believe that Part 2 of YU+ME: dream never happened. Let's just leave it at that for now.
  • A number of Penny and Aggie fans prefer to believe the comic ended after "The Popsicle War" storyline.
  • Given the author's tendency to Retcon the comic, whether or not several things in Sonichu really happened are more or less up to the reader to figure out for themselves.
  • Misfile provides a usefully illustrative subversion of this trope: Despite Word of God stating otherwise many readers insist that Ash was always female and the titular Misfile merely confused her into thinking she was once male. Their interpretation may be wrong but it can't be discontinuity because there is no continuity to discard. Nothing contradicting their interpretation has ever appeared within the comic itself, presumably because it would contradict the "cosmic Retcon" premise underlying the whole story. This serves as a useful lesson in how Conservation of Detail can allow an author to cater to two diametrically opposed aspects of their fanbase without alienating either.
    • Mid-2013 also revealed that Ash has largely forgotten his original appearance (and voice) as a male, due in large part to the lapse in time since the misfile (specifically, he has a vague recollection but specific details can't be recalled thanks to it being a subconscious change and the lack of any proof of his old existence). Which only fires up the opposing sides of the argument further.
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  • For many people, Sinfest ended on October 2nd, 2011: the last strip before the infamous Sisterhood storyline began and turned the strip extremely Anvilicious while heavily focusing on Creator's Pet Xanthe.
  • Fans of Homestuck are rather hotly divided regarding the canonicity of The Homestuck Epilogues, especially considering the readers of both routes tended to experience Too Bleak, Stopped Caring. Homestuck^2 has faced similar problems, possibly as a residual effect of how controversial the Epilogues were.


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