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Things fandom would like to pretend never happened on the internet.

Web originals with their own pages:

  • 4chan/b/: Before Boxxy showed up, or in some cases before it became widely known. In fact, the user base on /b/ is even more fractured, some disapprove of the raids, others hate how others showed up to repeatedly post the same stuff over again, and those who think it should have started in the first place, and so on and so forth. Most of the other boards just like to pretend /b/ doesn't exist. Usually invoking Rules 1 and 2. Due to recent events (including being allegedly responsible for the 2014 suicide of a Tumblr user) /v/ is getting this treatment as well. And, of course, Gamergate.
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  • It is one of the rules of The Church of Blow that we do not talk about episode 23. Okay, the fandom accepts that video 23 exists, but Cornelius doesn't. Used again later with Bernard repeatedly saying that the viral, musical number Youtube Is My Life never existed and he didn't remember making it.
  • Demo Reel is divided. Those who hate the series like to pretend the whole thing never happened, while those who enjoy it only ignore the final Nostalgia Critic tie-in, "The Review Must Go On". It also gets stricken from canon by people who thought Critic's send-off in To Boldly Flee was perfect. Among Critic's fans are those who are divided between liking his new reviews and those who disregard everything after To Boldly Flee.
  • Where Red vs. Blue "ends" is a divisive subject among fans, with different parts of the fandom having different ideas of where the series "stopped", if it even "stopped" at all. Not helped by the fact that the series' major story arcs tend to end on notes that could easily be seen as the conclusion of the story so long as future seasons are ignored.
    • Fans of the more comedic tone of the early seasons over the darker tone of the later seasons prefer to believe that the series only consists of The Blood Gulch Chronicles, seeing the Bittersweet Bookends of season 5 as the perfect conclusion to the show.
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    • Some fans prefer to think the series ended at The Project Freelancer Saga, believing all the important questions have been answered, with any future seasons being unnecessary.
    • Some fans prefer to think of the Bolivian Army Ending of The Chorus Trilogy as a series finale. A few are willing to acknowledge Season 14 as a fun little add-on, but any future seasons beyond that never happened.
    • Once a large contingent finished season 18, Zero, they collective agreed to deem it never happened, or that a theory raised by some fans that the season was just an action movie written and directed by one of the show's characters will show up to officially erase Zero from canon.
  • Many Benthelooney fans want to pretend that the revival seasons NEVER happened due to flanderization, retcons, and having the Nostalgia Filter of his older videos omitted to get more viewers. Many are comfortable with the video series ending after Ben's third Nickelodeon rant or Ben Strikes Back.


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