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Given the divisive reputation the series has, especially after Jeffy's debut, there's no question that there are some episodes fans would like to pretend never happened.

  • Among older fans, pretty much everything post-2015 when Logan moved out of his parents' house and into the apartment onward, and especially when Logan got his own house, mainly because of dragged out filler, overused gags, unfunny and stale humor, the plots going off-track for way too long, clickbait titles, lack of funny characters, poor acting, poorly written scripts, and loads of flanderization. It has gotten to the point where fans have lost faith in Logan and the channel as a whole, and have jumped ship to the channel's rivals.
  • Jeffy videos in general tend to get this reaction from his detractors, particularly due to being the main source of most of the problems listed above:
    • "Jeffy's Tantrum!" is perhaps the most infamous example. In this video, Jeffy begs Mario to buy him a Sponge Bob Square Pants game from the App Store for $2.99, but Mario declines. Eventually, Jeffy snaps and starts throwing stuff off the balcony, including a couch and a TV. Mario then starts beating Jeffy with a belt, traumatizing him to the point where he becomes Driven to Suicide and wears emo clothes. Fortunately, Junior saves the day by giving Jeffy a $10 iTunes gift card just as Jeffy starts to hang himself, only for Jeffy to find out that Mario sold his iPad to get a new couch. While it was still negatively reviewed by several fans, it was also a very polarized video, with some liking the video, including SML actor Lovell Stanton. note 
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    • Logan's 2017 April Fools joke, originally uploaded under the guise of it being the long-awaited "SuperMarioLogan The Movie!", has Jeffy paint a fence and wait for an entire hour for it to dry. While it was just as polarized as "Jeffy's Tantrum!", if not more, it was brutally panned by most of those who fell for it, to the point where it got over twice as much dislikes as "Locked Out" in its first 500,000 views. The video was later renamed to "Jeffy's Fun Day!".
    • A lot of fans hate "Jeffy's Bad Word!" do for its extremely harsh Mario bashing, especially during the second half of the video, as well as Jeffy getting away with it.
    • The premise of "Jeffy's Bad Word!" is taken Up to Eleven in "Locked Out", where Jeffy locks Mario out of the house just so he can teabag Mario's chocolate cake, Mario fails to get back into the house in the uttermost downright ways, a police officer catches Mario trying to get inside the house and comes up with the theory that Mario is drunk and has a grudge against somebody, and in the end, Mario gets arrested and is mistaken on the media for a "drunk chocolate cake man". Many comments revolve around the mean-spirited nature of the episode.
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    • "Jeffy's Sister!" was received very poorly since Feebee was very unlikable while Brooklyn T. Guy and Rosalina weren't helpful of Mario.
    • "Jeffy's Birthday Surprise!" has gotten it worse from many for being a video where virtually everyone featured (especially Brooklyn T. Guy who has become utterly petty and childish) is a jerk who knowingly and openly inconveniences Mario, who is simply trying to prepare a surprise birthday party for Jeffy (not helping matters is that Chef Pee Pee and Cody act totally out of character in how they screw over Mario). All this and more can make it unbearable in the fans' eyes. Not even a cameo from long-lost character Chef Poo Poo seems to make up for it.
  • "Joseph the Millionaire!", both for turning Joseph, one of the nicest and most tragic characters in SML, into a greedy spoiled jerk on par with the Goodman family (especially with his behavior toward Chives) and for revealing that Joseph was rich the entire time, only faking being poor. Many hated the video for its many problems in terms of continuity, effectively destroying any sympathy for Joseph and for retroactively ruining his character arc by taking away the emotional impact of his earlier videos, most notably "Joseph's Mom!". Many prefer to pretend this video doesn't exist, or that it was all a dream Junior was having.

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