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Ben 10: While there are certainly those who accept the entirety of the original continuity (aka, the first four series) to be canon, the fanbase is broken up enough that there are a large number of breaking points

  • Beginning with just the Original Series, there were fans who choose to treat "Goodbye and Good Riddance" (a What If? episode that had Ben return to Bellwood and be outed as a superhero) as the show's finale as opposed to "Secrets of The Omnitrix".
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  • There are fans that rejected the sequel series Ben 10: Alien Force due to the numerous retcons it made; the two most egregious being Gwen and Kevin's powers being made alien in origin, rather than magic or natural mutation, and immediately turning the latter character into a good guy without the presence of a redemption arc.
  • There are fans who liked both the original series and Alien Force but don't consider Ben 10: Ultimate Alien as canon, with explanations inexplicably being both It's the Same, Now It Sucks! (too similar to Alien Force to really be considered a new iteration) or They Changed It, Now It Sucks! (what elements that were changed ruined the experience).
  • There are fans of the first three series that don't consider Omniverse canon due to its change of tone, character redesigns, and heavy use of comedy. Gwen fans were especially pissed at her new design. While some fans think it feels more like a natural evolution of her original series self far better than her Alien Force/Ultimate Alien design, others consider it ugly. There are also those who are indifferent to the appeal of the design itself, and more angered that the redesign is so removed from her established teenage design in Ultimate Alien with no reason other than the appeal to fans of the original series. On a similar note, some of these fans would only watch the first 2 episodes of “Omniverse” and ditch the rest, as they were the final episodes with the late Dwayne McDuffie’s involvement and consent.
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  • There are fans who love Omniverse who don't take some episodes as canon. Such as "So Long, And Thanks For All the Smoothies", which while considered a good episode by said fans, has an ending where Ben is forced to recreate the entire universe after it was destroyed, implying that everyone from the previous three series is actually now dead and replaced with identical copies. Naturally, "Universe vs. Tennyson", in which Ben is put on trial for committing the act, is included with that. Another is the "Showdown" two-parter of the third season, which created a major Plot Hole: eleven-year-old Ben is obsessed with a new alien, Feedback. Malware, an evil alien entity, rips the alien out and destroys it. After Ben kills Malware, it cuts back to present day and Ben states that, since then, he can't rescan Feedback's species. Considering that his original Omnitrix was destroyed at the end of Alien Force, such a problem would not exist with the newer model.
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  • Some Omniverse fans don't consider the story arcs that followed after the first two and a half season as canon since they feel like that the villains that were introduced (or in the case of the Incurseans, reintroduced) after Khyber and Malware were not as good as those two.
  • Fans of Helen, Manny, and Alan would disregard the Voodoo Shark twist in the Rooters story arc that they were actually humans who were experimented with alien powers than being Half-Human Hybrids. Some fans who came to like Kevin as a good guy would also disregard the controversial Retcon in which his father was never a Plumber as canon.
  • Similarly to the Omniverse showrunners themselves, there are fans who don't consider parts of Alien Force and Ultimate Alien as canon, such as Eon.
  • When it comes to shipping, Ben/Julie and Ben/Ester shippers consider the confirmation that Ben and Kai became the Official Couple in the end of the series as non-canon.

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