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  • In Thousand Shinji, Shinji and Asuka's fathers abandoned them when they were barely four. Shinji holds a huge grudge against Gendo, and Asuka doesn't even acknowledge her father's existence.
  • Children of an Elder God: Shinji's father abandoned him. Even so Shinji tries to give his father the benefit of the doubt, but Asuka thinks Gendo is nothing but a bastard.
  • In Last Child of Krypton, Shinji and Asuka's fathers ditched their children when they were four. Asuka has no relationship with his father, and Shinji’s relationship with Gendo got gradually worse.


  • A Force of Four: Power Girl's parents died when she was a baby. Several decades later she still misses them, and she can't help but hug their alternate counterparts when she meets them in Hellsister Trilogy.
  • Dance with the Demons: He'll not admit it outloud, but a part of Batman resents his father for getting killed and leaving him alone. He dwells on his feelings of abandonment during a nightmare as arguing with Thomas Wayne' ghost.
    The caped man wheeled in anger. Then he caught himself. Even in a dream, this was his father. Yes, he was angry at him. For dying. For putting him on this cruel, dark treadmill. For leaving him.
    For making him have to be the Batman.
  • Kara of Rokyn: Subverted. Supergirl thought her parents died together when she was fifteen. Several years later she found out they survived her hometown's destruction, but until then she often cried to herself to sleep. And as an adult woman, the memory of losing them still hurts her.
    Superman: "Who was it who held you in his arms and rocked you to sleep when you cried over your parents and your friends in Argo City when you thought they were all dead?"


Final Fantasy VII

  • Us and Them: Vincent turns out to be Sephiroth's biological father, but given his mental state and desire to decimate Shinra, he chooses not to raise Sephiroth, but leave him with Professor Gast and Ifalna. However, after the Gasts are forced to flee Icicle Inn, it takes seven years for him to track the family down. By that time, Sephiroth wants nothing to do with him, thinking of Professor Gast as the only father he needs.

Fire Emblem

  • In Fire Emblem Awakening fanfic Golden Threads Tie Us, Severa and Morgan's father has been missing for years. Severa doesn't know what happened to her father but she's certain that he's dead because she's unwilling to believe he abandoned his children after betraying and murdering his best friend.
    Severa: Are you insane!? He's definitely gone!
    Morgan: There was no body! They only found Chrom's – you can't take these things for granted with Father! If they couldn't find it, then he surely must be -
    Severa: Don't finish that! If Father's really alive, then he abandoned his best friend and left him for dead. If he's alive, then he chose not to come back for us, even though we've been waiting here for years!

Girls und Panzer

  • In Boys und Sensha-do!, Akio's father died in a plane crash when Akio was five years old, causing him to be unwilling to take up his family's practice of Sentoki-do, or dogfighting.

My Hero Academia

  • Izuku's father Hisashi Midoriya is The Ghost in canon, but Conversations with a Cryptid expands that he straight up vanished shortly after Izuku was born, and although he provides financial support, he hasn't contacted his wife Inko in years and Izuku sees him as a Glorified Sperm Donor for the most part. Notably, this is deconstructed, since the lack of Hisashi's support in their lives is partially to blame for why Inko's a Nervous Wreck and why Izuku's self-esteem is so bad. When Izuku bluntly spells it out for him, Hisashi is incredibly regretful for how much pain he brought to his family and spends most of the sequel trying to make up for it.
  • My Hero Playthrough has Hisashi Midoriya, like canon. Unlike canon, this Hisashi isn't working overseas to support his family (though support them he does), he is doing it to avoid them. He is less than pleased about having a Quirkless son, or how Inko responded to that. Inko divorces him with Izuku's blessing, after Izuku gets into UA.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Ask Hoops and Dumbbell: Dumbbell's father abandoned the family when Dumbbell was 10 for reasons, at the time, unknown. He later meets Dumbbell by chance and offers to return into Dumbbell's life, though Dumbbell ultimately turns him down
  • The Differentverse: Both Scootaloo and Dinky have absent fathers, Dinky because he died before she was born. Coco's also died (along with her mom) not long before the Apples adopted her.
  • A Mighty Demon Slayer Grooms Some Ponies gives Megan a father who ran away with another woman, causing her to harbor a grudge against men in general and giving her a Berserk Button whenever her dad is brought up.
  • Scootaloo's father left her mother before she was even born in Bad Future Crusaders, and being raised by an earth pony mother is why she had such difficulty learning to fly. The story hints that her father might be Crimson Sky, the second-in-command of the R.E.A.F. and Lightning Dust's dragon.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • A Crown of Stars: During their talks Shinji and Asuka often remember how both were abandoned by their parents when they were barely four. Although Shinji's father returned -and screwed his life further- Asuka's one disappeared from her life, and she wants nothing to do with him anymore. When their hosts tell her he has been rescued from her world, Asuka answers: "He’ll get all the care from me that he gave my mother and I."
    Shinji:"Asuka, both of our parents practically dumped us by the side of the road before we were four."
  • Advice and Trust: In chapter 1 Shinji tells Asuka his father ditched him after his mother's death and he barely saw Gendo during the next ten years. Asuka mentions her own father did not mourn her mother very long and then Shinji guesses her father also abandoned her after her mother was gone and he never explained why he left her or apologized for it.
  • The Child of Love: Shinji and Asuka’s fathers stopped taking care of them after their mothers’ deaths (in the case of Gendo, he was afraid of Shinji and of screwing him up if he raised him). After his actions in this story, Shinji decided he wanted nothing to do with Gendo, but Asuka made some sort of attempt to reconcile with her family.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion:
    • Shinji's dad abandoned him when he was a child, summoned him years later to use him and died during Third Impact. When Gendo returns, Shinji is over thirty and over him.
    • Asuka's dad abandoned after her mother's death. Upon returning from Instrumentality he wanted her to return to Germany, but Asuka refused to meet him.
  • HERZ: Gendo and Asuka's father refused to take care of their offspring after Shinji and Asuka's mothers' deaths. Gendo at least has a –poor- excuse (he cared about Shinji but he was afraid of his son and thought he would screw him up if he raised him so he sent him away) and in this story he has made an effort to rebuild his relationship with his son, but Asuka's relationship with her father is non-existent.
  • Evangelion 303:
    • Shinji's father sent him away when he was a little kid, allegedly to protect him. When the story begins, Shinji is twenty and he has not talked to his father in ten years.
    • In fact, no character in this manga EVEN mentions his or her father. And they NEVER show up, not even when one of the pilots has been badly hurt. They are virtually nonexistent. And since Asuka has the same issues than in canon, it would not be strange that her father stopped caring about her.
    • Jessika's father, though, is officially dead. His grave showed up in chapter 13.
  • The Second Try gives several examples:
    • Shinji and Asuka's fathers abandoned them. Asuka is willing to make peace with her family, but Shinji called Gendo out on his abusive, destructive and self-destructive behavior several times.
    • Aki suffered a minor case of this when she was sent back to the the past. When she woke up, her parents were gone. She got scared, ran from her house and got lost. Fortunately Rei ran into her and helped her to look for them, but she was terrified until they found them.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide:
    • Gendo left Shinji when his son was four. When his father summoned him, Shinji had hoped maybe they would reach some kind of understanding, but after the War their relationship is all but non-existent.
    • On the other hand, Asuka doesn't even talk about the man who ditched her as soon as her mother was buried.
  • In Once More with Feeling, When Shinji met Gendo he called his father out on abandoning him ten years ago, and declared that he wasn't interested in talking to Gendo again.
    Gendo: It's been a while.
    Shinji: It would have been far longer, if not for the fact that your brother convinced me to give you one last chance. So far, you are failing miserably if you intended this to be any kind of happy family reunion.

Phineas and Ferb

  • The story Finding Dad revolves around Phineas and Isabella going on a cross-America trip to find their missing dads.


  • In Pokemon Pals:
    • Ash's father left when Ash was very young. He doesn't remember anything about him.
    • Brock is one of these. He left his wife and kids because he wanted to able to sleep around. He continues to travel with the group as an excuse.
  • In Pokemon: Johto Quest, Emily's dad is this when he is forced out of the house. Before he leaves, he tells Emily that he'll be in the "Nidoran Region".
  • Just as in canon, Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has Ash not have his father around. This comes up enough it is likely not going to be unanswered as in canon, particularly once it becomes clear that Ash's dissapeared dad is this also to others. A lot of others.
  • In Return of the Hero, Nate's father died in a flash flood when Nate was four. Subverted when it turns out said "father" was really just a friend of his mother, and that his true father is Ash Ketchum.
  • In the Pokémon oneshot Witchcraft, Red's absentee father is Giovanni. Giovanni was in love with Red's mother but left to head Team Rocket after his mother, the previous boss, died.

Star Wars

  • Blood and Honor: Initially, Sanguis has no idea who her father was, since her mother refused to speak about him. The reasons for this refusal are as mysterious as his identity until near the end, when it's strongly implied, though not outright stated, that her father is both an alien and a Jedi, one who had no idea of his daughter's existence.


  • An inversion in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story series: Empath is Papa Smurf's only begotten son, and is the one who's missing for most of Papa Smurf's life, primarily because he was forced to live in Psychelia for 150 years. Empath himself simply doesn't know his true connection to Papa Smurf until his 150th birthday.
    • Also played straight with the other Smurfs of Empath's generation, as The Plague has killed off all their parents, leaving Papa Smurf as their sole guardian.
  • In Tomorrow's Doom, part of Aiko's backstory involves her father suffering from dementia due to having Huntington's Disease, before he finally kicked the bucket.
  • In Number XII: The Savage Nymph, Larxene's father abandoned her and her mother when she was about two years old, forcing her mother to become a prostitute to keep her daughter alive. Though considering the way he treated them, maybe it was for the better that he left.
  • In Prison Island Break, Silver has never met his father - he tells people that his mother has told him that he died AND that he just left. She also refuses to clarify when, only that Silver was too young to remember him. She has only told Silver that they're better off without him. As a result, Silver doesn't know whether his father is dead or alive, and is also confused about whether he even wants to know who his father is.
  • Ren becomes this in Gensokyo 20XXV, when he passed away of an unknown cause, sometime before chapter 109
  • Zack in the Meg's Family Series to his son Cody, after Zack's girlfriend Nikki left him without telling him she was pregnant.
  • In Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy, Hanae’s dad died in a forest fire.
  • In some Kill la Kill Alternate Universe Fics, we have this the case when it comes to Ryuuko and Satsuki's parents. In one fic (before it was deleted), Sounds of Silence, Soichiro mostly appears in flashbacks but doesn't in the present, although Ragyo mentioned an accident, implying that he had passed away in said accident. Likewise, by different authors, some fics have it where he does die, through via whatever, while others simply doesn't bring him up.
  • In Hard Being Pure, Magnolia's dad left home because he couldn't deal with his hyperallergic wife and son. He's not even mentioned until Part 3:
    It had been a simple mistake, Magnolia forgetting to change out of her clothes as she came back from her friend's place, who owned a dog. Walking around the house, sitting on the couch, touching things. When Nathan came back home that day, he went into anaphylactic shock, and had to be urgently brought to the hospital. A near miss. Not an isolated incident, nor the worst by far. Randall had endured thirteen years of this, of either Judith or Nathan having a terribly severe allergy attack for apparently no reason, only because fate decided immunodeficiency disorder was a thing.
  • In Quicken, Emma died after a violent fight against several thugs. However, her power brought her back to life nine months later. When Emma managed to dig her way out of her own grave and started looking for her family, her parents had left the city several months ago.
  • In the RWBY/Marvel Cinematic Universe Fusion Fic In Shades of Red and Gold, Taiyang is this to Yang. He isn't this to Ruby, as he isn't her father (Tony Stark is), and that fact is why he walked out on Summer (who is Yang's biological mother in this story, rather than Raven). Word of God says he won't be appearing, and part way through the story (following Tony's capture in Afghanistan), Yang notes that she thinks of Tony as her father rather than Taiyang, even though he's only been her father for two weeks at that point.
  • In Faded Blue, while he isn't dead, and still sees him regularly, Greg left Steven with Blue Pearl when he turned 10 to spy on the Crystal Gems to fulfill one of Blue's last requests.
  • In Conversations with a Cryptid, Hisashi Midoriya's sole contact with his family has been sending them money; his son Izuku doesn't even know what he looks like. It's deconstructed in that his disappearance has caused severe stress for his family- Inko feels that her marriage to him is a Gilded Cage (He's her sole source of income and she probably couldn't get another job since she's been out of the workforce for so long, so she can't just divorce him) and it's turned her into a Nervous Wreck, and she couldn't properly parent Izuku on her own or respond adequately to his bullying problem, which led to his issues. Izuku has no relationship to his father other than vague annoyance, and casually admits that he was subconsciously a Death Seeker at the manga's beginning because he thought that at least his death would allow his mother to get some of Hisashi's assets in a divorce. When Hisashi learns about this, he's horrified and spends the sequel trying to make up for it.
  • You Are My Sunshine has Peter Parker being raised by his single mother Mary, albeit because Mary didn't tell Tony Stark that he was Peter's father. He only finds out his son even exists a week after Mary's death, when Peter is five years old.
  • In An Uncommon Witness, Duck's dad died before she was born.
  • Son of the Sannin
    • The Hyuga sisters and Ino lose their fathers during the Uchiha Coup. While this doesn't affect Hinata or Hanabi too badly, Ino blames Sasuke for her father's death (since his mother was personally responsible for the deed) and loses all romantic interest in him. This also causes her falling out with Sakura due to being unable to bring herself to be friends with someone who could love an Uchiha (though they manage to patch things up shortly before the Time Skip).
    • Karin mentions in chapter 32 that her father died when she was a child, protecting her and her mother from people trying to kidnap them for for being part of the Uzumaki bloodline.
  • Bluefur's Choice:
    • The biological father of Bluefur's kits Oakheart died of injuries received in a fight with ThunderClan. Months later, their adopted father Thrushpelt died of injuries received in a fight with ShadowClan.
    • In the same battle that killed Thrushpelt, Bluefur's father Stormtail was killed.
  • My Little Pumpkin: Ash's father Victor is out on a belated Pokémon journey. He quit his first journey as a teen, but over the years he became displeased with his mundane life. He wanted to be a trainer again so, after much arguing with his wife, he began his journey again.
  • I Think We'll Be Okay: While Kosuke has a very loving stepfather in Marti, she was always bothered by her lack of knowledge on her birth father, as her mother refused to even tell her his name. Kosuke eventually accepted (bitterly) that she would never know the truth, but he finally makes an appearance after nineteen years following the death of her parents, offering a very vague deal to help her and her siblings.

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