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How much shipping drama can there be for a series that's basically a Survivor spoof? You'd be surprised.

  • When Gwen and Trent were an official couple, shippers who wanted to see Cody get the girl would often portray Trent as a shallow, abusive jerk. The Trent hate abated after Gwen dumped Trent on the show, ironically for the opposite reason that he was too clingy, needy and jealous.
  • Another major shipping war: Duncan/Courtney vs. Duncan/Gwen. A rare example when the writers briefly took away Duncan/Courtney's canonical status and gave it to Duncan/Gwen, before later sinking that ship as well.
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  • And then in All-Stars, Courtney entered a relationship with newcomer Scott, adding a new ship into the fray and thus further exacerbating the shipping wars. It probably also didn't help that fans of Scott/Dawn disliked the pairing every bit as much as Duncan/Courtney fans did. That said, Scott is also despised by those who prefer to ship Dawn with somebody else, due to Scott's involvement in Dawn's very cruel elimination.
  • Sierra gets crucified for her massive crush on Cody, due partly to having other undesirable traits and being poorly received in general. This was foreshadowed, in a way, when Beth kissed Cody on the cheek as he was voted off in Season 1 and got pilloried for it.
  • Cody himself gets a lot of hate from Gwen/Duncan shippers due to his behaviour in the season where the pair became an Official Couple, as unlike Gwen/Trent, Cody did not back off and choose to respect Gwen's new relationship, which also made him seem extremely hypocritical, given Sierra's behaviour towards him.
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  • Alejandro gets quite a lot of hate from Harold/Leshawna, Geoff/Bridgette, Owen/Izzy, and Tyler/Lindsay shippers, and anybody who ships Heather with anybody else. Justified with everyone but Heather, because he never had any interest in those other girls and was merely toying with them for his own villainous purposes, straining their relationships in the process.
  • Justin and Duncan are frequently despised by fans of Gwen/Trent due to the involvement the two had in the couple's breakup during Season 2. Duncan in particular gets even more hate because of his Relationship Upgrade with Gwen in the third season, with Gwen/Trent and Duncan/Courtney often being Ship Mates against Gwen/Duncan.
  • About the only Gwen ship that escapes fandom drama is the Gwen/Cameron ship that sprang up from All-Stars, especially after Gwen gave Cameron a friendly peck on the cheek. It mostly lucked out because its fans are a very minuscule faction and the ship itself seen as unthreatening, plus it also sprang up during a time most of the fandom had just grown tired of all the in-universe relationship shipping drama and out of universe shipping drama related to Gwen.
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  • Owen's detractors largely overlap with those who pair Izzy with anyone else. It doesn't help that he once had a What the Hell, Hero? moment when he pushed her in front of a serial killer to save his own life. The Owen-hate died down after Owen and Izzy's breakup on the show left shippers free to pair off Izzy without impediment and gave Owen a lot of sympathy due to how heartbroken he was by it.
  • Geoff is an unusual example. Season 2 turned him into a massive Jerkass and nearly broke him and Bridgette up, but he regained his moral compass by the end of the season and won her back. Shippers who want to pair Bridgette with somebody else sometimes use Geoff's Jerkass period as an excuse to create an AU where he remains a jerk. Others however use it, along with the couple's notorious makeout sessions, as an excuse to wholly demonize Geoff and argue that Bridgette deserves someone far better.
  • Blaineley is loathed by Geoff/Bridgette shippers for her constant attempts to cause tension in their relationship and how she relished in the strain Alejandro caused between them. Not helping is how Blaineley is implied to be a cougar, with some shippers interpreting her interactions with Geoff as Foe Yay, creating a fandom for Geoff/Blaineley (despite the fact Blaineley is more than twice Geoff's age).
  • There are many reasons for Total Drama fans to hate Heather. One of these is that she's seen as a threat to the semi-canonical Harold/Leshawna ship due to the minor Odd Friendship she develops with Harold in the second season (with a few hints that she may in fact be attracted to him). On the other hand, Leshawna herself is on the receiving end of it from Harold/Heather shippers, especially due to her behaviour during Action and World Tour.
  • Tyler was the butt of many Trent/Lindsay jokes during the early years of the fandom when he was largely an ignored character. However, this started to die out around World Tour when Lindsay finally started remembering who Tyler was, allowing him and his relationship with Lindsay to get some more development, with the pair showing themselves to be the most stable pairing in the whole series.
  • Anne Maria is pretty much Public Enemy #1 for Mike/Zoey shippers, due to her involvement in the Love Triangle with them. Which is also rather unusual because Anne Maria was infatuated not with Mike himself, but rather with Vito, who is one of his Split Personalities.
  • When the people who shipped Dave with someone else found out that Sky had a boyfriend back home, they hated her even more.
  • Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race gave Noah an official love interest in the form of the likeminded Emma. Naturally, those who shipped Noah with other characters (and he gets shipped with a lot of characters) hated on the new character immensely.

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