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Films routinely deal with Love Triangles. Fans sometimes disagree with the resolutions violently.

  • Frozen:
    • Kristoff is often hated for ending up being the Official Couple with Princess Anna. Fans sometimes exaggerate his gruffness into callousness, but unfortunately, he is rather often depicted as having...relations...with Sven, so that Anna could be together with Elsa or Hans.
    • Shipping Jack Frost with Elsa is so popular across many platforms, it's become one of the first cases of a non-canon Crossover Ship getting this level kind of treatment. It's partly Hype Backlash, from fans who are sick of the overexposure the ship gets from not only fan works but also Cosplay. As a result, demonizing Jack is standard practice in some parts of the fandom, and quite a few hate fics, art, comics and screenshot manipulations are made solely to kill, mutilate or otherwise humiliate him. A few even outright made him into a monster who will gladly rape Elsa without remorse. Even a few notable Professional Disney artists have expressed their dislike of the ship such as Pocket Princesses creator Amy Mebberson who made this strip of a very annoyed Elsa having enough of Jack Frost cosplayers hitting on her and a subtle hint of her general opinion on forcing Elsa cosplayers to participate against their will to play out a ship based on fandom adoration without their consent.
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    • In a literal case of Die for Our Ship, Rapunzel from Tangled often gets killed in Jelsa fanworks even when she's not even a love interest to Jack. This is most common in "evil Elsa" and "dark Jelsa" works. However, as mentioned above, Jack Frost will often be also on the receiving end of this even if the work doesn't support either ship.
    • In fact, somewhat like the Wonder Woman example in the comics section, shipping anyone with Elsa in the wrong place could lead to a terrible backlash. That is not getting into the Self-Insert Fic where fans very commonly pair themselves with Elsa. Yes, even the girls.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:
    • Ever since Will Turner married Elizabeth Swann, many viewers who wanted Elizabeth to be with Jack Sparrow are making him out to be a rapist, an abuser, too "nice" so the Super Bad Boy is OMG better, or any/all of these together.
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    • Elizabeth gets called a Canon Sue and bashed repeatedly for driving a wedge between the Jack/Will relationship.
    • Calypso gets this from Davy Jones fangirls, who make her a horrible bitch. Granted, as a pagan goddess and physical manifestation of the ocean, she was hardly the most sympathetic character in the movie; but that's ignoring the fact that Jones himself wasn't very nice in turn (having her magically bound to human form, which she describes as "torture") as well as the fact that she clearly did still love him and was horrified to hear what he did to her. One Mary Sue Self-Insert fic has said Sue actually kill Calypso, and be treated as a heroine for it. Which goes against everything in the trilogy's universe, but logic be damned.
  • This trope is inverted for Corpse Bride: Victor/Emily shippers want Victor to die — because Emily is dead from first meeting. That said, there has been a fair amount of vilifying of Victoria in post-film Victor/Emily fanfics, portraying her as a gold digger or just plain mean to Victor. (And it can probably be argued that leaving Victoria to Barkis's tender mercies in some AUs is a Fate Worse than Death.)
  • While not quite as bad as Corpse Bride, Sally of The Nightmare Before Christmas gets some of this so Jack Skellington can get with the writers' original characters, the writers themselves, Emily, or Victor.
    • Jack isn't treated any better when it comes to those who ship Sally with Oogie Boogie, as Jack is often derailed into a jerk who shamelessly flirts with Sally while he bullies the poor, innocent, shy, and sweet Oogie. Keep in mind that Oogie tried to kill Sally after she failed to save Santa Claus from him.
  • Ever since The Lord of the Rings books were made into movies, Arwen has been loathed by Éowyn teenyboppers who see her as the obstacle for Éowyn to get Aragorn's love, or as a "bad, bad, girly girl". (To be fair, Aragorn/Éowyn was actually a fairly popular ship long before the movies came out.) The Aragorn/Legolas slashers also have it against her. The animosity towards Arwen since the movies continually frustrates many book!Arwen fans. But cheer up, it cuts both ways! Arwen teenyboppers saw Éowyn as a scheming hussy trying to steal away the true love of their pretty elf princessnote  (never mind that in the movie Aragorn and Arwen had broken up at the time) and hated her for it.
    • Faramir also gets some flack from rabid Aragorn/Éowyn fans, who see him as being less worthy of her than Aragorn. Never mind that Aragorn himself sank that ship by pointing out how unhappy Éowyn would've been if she married him, and later was very happy when she and Faramir became the Beta Couple...
    • And both Éowyn and Arwen catch heat from the Mary Sue creators who ship their unholy spawn with Aragorn or Faramir. They get even more from the Yaoi Fangirl contingent who must have Aragorn sidling up to Legolas. (Or Boromir, which is a doomed relationship if you don't go severely AU.) In one fic, Arwen was turned into such a shrill harpy that, in a post-series tale set in the present day, she sold the mummies of her and Aragorn's children to a museum just to hurt him. (Seriously.) Éowyn is likely to get written off as "that butch chick".
      • That was Bagenders, and mostly done for Rule of Funny and parody, as literally everyone is taken to the extremes of their character, or just blatantly out of character. Faramir is mostly painted as a bit weak (Boromir on one of his visits from the afterlife ignores a note from Faramir asking him to come back and help him on the grounds that 'she's probably pulling his hair again').
      • Adding to the weirdness factor of the whole Aragorn-versus-Faramir argument is the reason that Tolkien didn't stick with his original Aragorn/Éowyn. Faramir is an Author Avatar, and according to one theory, Tolkien grew to love the character of Éowyn so much that he changed his plans just so she would end up with his Middle-Earth doppelganger. (Another theory is that he matched Aragorn with Arwen so that they could echo the couple featuring his other Middle-Earth doppleganger, Beren and Lúthien.)
      • Not to mention, Aragorn himself sunk the Aragorn/Éowyn ship by telling Éomer after he heals the almost fatally injured Éowyn that she was more in love with the *ideal* represented by Aragorn, rather than Aragorn himself. And to put the final nail on the coffin, Aragorn also adds that Èowyn would've been incredibly frustrated and even unhappy in the end, if she married him. The book (and a scene in the movie's DVD edition) shows that Éowyn and Faramir fell in love after they bonded over their emotional troubles and got to know each other better.
  • In the Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street movie fandom, Lucy Barker gets some serious hate from Sweeney/Mrs. Lovett shippers.
    • The Sweeney Todd Sues, who somehow manage to become Sweeney's truest of true loves ever, even though (A) he was utterly devoted to Lucy throughout the movie and (B) Sweeney was very much anti-touch. One such Sue actually got Sweeney to denounce his love for Lucy and Mrs. Lovett after both were dead, in favor of said Sue.
  • Due to Bollywood marketing being dependent on which combo of actors and actresses is the screen couple (referred as a "jodi" by Indians and the Industry), fans of a particular screen couple (who often do several movies together if successful) will fight fans of another couple. Shah Rukh Khan/Kajol is the quintessential example these days.
  • A certain portion of Kirk/Spock fans have had quite a bit trouble dealing with the fact that in the reboot movie Spock/Uhura is canon, and some rather nasty stuff has been said about Uhura as a result.
  • How to Train Your Dragon has Astrid getting bashed and falsely labeled a Faux Action Girl so that shippers can hook Hiccup up with Ruffnut instead. Made stranger by the fact they're Not So Different, aside from one being the obvious Love Interest.
    • A good number of fans ship Hiccup with Toothless (yes, the dragon) or Tuffnut (Ruffnut's twin brother) with vehement loathing of Astrid, who tends to get labeled as shallow for showing interest in Hiccup after finding out about his dragon, even though she was the only teen that did not actively mock/tease Hiccup in the beginning and thus had less of a personality shift than the others would have.
  • Many fans of A Knight's Tale would have preferred that William ended up with Kate rather than Jocelyn. Also uses "feminist" bases since the fans like to take the Plucky Girl Wrench Wench and then "give" her William as a "prize" for being a "strong female and so unlike that Jocelyn bitch"... when if they believed in Kate's strength as a character as much as they said, they wouldn't feel the need of making Kate's overall happiness depend oh so much on whether the hero liked her or not rather than on other things like her own blacksmith work.
    • That's not even keeping in mind the movie's implication that Kate still loved and missed her dead husband.
      • And that Jocelyn, despite playing the obligatory "fair lady" love interest role, is shown to be quite a strong female in her own right.
  • One particularly nasty Labyrinth fanfic had the author's Self-Insert Mary Sue have Jareth declare that he never loved Sarah and marry her and then literally has Sarah die for the ship. Yeah.
  • In Newsies Sarah is portrayed as whiny and annoying so that way Jack can get with someone else, usually a Self-Insert Mary Sue. Or David.
  • Poor poor, poor Carly Spencer. It's bad enough that fanboys want the actress who plays Carly (Rosie)'s head chopped off for replacing Megan Fox, but according to hardcore SamxMikaela shippers, she is ugly (yes, the Victoria's Secret Model is ugly), evil and the anti-christ who should be burned. It doesn't help that Mikaela is only mentioned in passing in the 3rd film, and it's implied that she dumped Sam because she only liked him for his involvement with the Transformers...
  • This somehow managed to happen with non-canon pairings in The Avengers fandom.
    • Many Steve/Tony fics depict Bruce as an emotionally abusive coward who's only with Tony because Tony protects him; while many Bruce/Tony fics depict Steve as a self-righteous, bigoted asshole who treats Tony like shit or slut-shames him. And then there's the Loki/Tony ones where Pepper/Steve/Bruce/whoever is bashed so that Tony can run into Loki's arms, or Thor (who is depicted as being in a relationship with Loki, although the two are brothers) being bashed so that Loki can run into the arms of Tony. And then there's the inclusion of Tony's pre-Avengers best friend Rhodey, and how he's often villainized to keep Tony with the Avengers.
    • Given that Steve Rogers is one half of two of the most popular ships in the MCU by far, fan favorites Tony Stark and Bucky Barnes have become victims to this trope as well. Stucky fans like to portray Tony as a spoiled, sociopathic bully who thinks he's entitled to Steve just because, and Stony fans present Bucky as an irredeemable psychopath who abuses Steve to a point where it's up to Tony to rescue him. There's a reason why fans joke about Civil War actually meaning Shipping War.
    • Usually averted with Pepper - she's a popular enough character that fanfic writers will usually just pair her up with whatever guy Tony isn't banging or Natasha, which also quite conveniently keeps Natasha out of the way of Hawkeye/Coulson (in which fics she is almost invariably Platonic Life-Partners or Better as Friends with Clint).
    • Speaking of the MCU, lots of fangirls tend to do this with Theoric, who in the comics was engaged to Loki's wife Sigyn before Loki pulled a Uriah Gambit on him. If Theoric shows up in an MCU fanfic, he's almost always an abusive asshole who deserves to get Uriahed, despite the original comic story actually had some of Sigyn's friends complaining he was too noble. This is especially hilarious because the fangirls could always just, you know, not bring him into an MCU story since he's a comics-only character with no basis in mythology.
    • Similar to the above, Mockingbird gets this from Clintasha shippers. While she doesn't appear until the second season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., she's been getting hate since Avengers hit big with shippers. Thanks to Clintasha being the most popular het couple, they have a very defensive fandom, and when many discovered that Hawkeye married someone else in the comics on which the films are based, they took up arms against her. It doesn't help that Natasha and Clint were once romantically together but broke up quicklynote  while Hawkeye and Mockingbird were together for a very long time and both consider the other to be the love of their life note , meaning that, with Mockingbird joining the film universe, its very likely that Hawkeye and her will become canon. It's made worse as there's a certain level of misogyny at play (Bobbi is often treated as the one responsible for whatever trouble the two face that lead to their breakup, despite the main catalyst for their breakup being the fact she was raped and Hawkeye didn't understand the full scale of the trauma; not to mention, the fact they devolve both girls into essentially arguing and fighting over a man, which brings a lot of Unfortunate Implications into play), and it ignores the fact that, in the comics, both Natasha and Bobbi are very good friends with a lot of professional respect for one another.
    • On the flip side of this, Bucky Barnes, who for a while in recent comics was Widow's long time boyfriend and partner in espionage, gets this from some of these fans too, though to a lesser extent. Generally he's just a Bastard Boyfriend or is just a general psychopath, and Clint just needs to protect Widow from him (ignoring the fact that Natasha is not the type of person likely to be abused, but given how she proved to be a better fighter than Clint when trying to take him down non-lethally, and was able to hold her own against the Winter Soldier in their film, its fairly asinine to think she'd need protecting, or that Clint would be able to do it).
    • Sam Wilson/Falcon was introduced in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as Steve's new buddy who helps him save the day, and brought a lot of Ho Yay with him, to the point Sam fulfilled the usual tasks that a love interest would perform. Given the above examples, its no surprise he was walking into a minefield, and he has not been spared the same treatment for getting in the way of Avenger Ho Yay.
    • Sharon Carter/Agent 13 gets a lot of hate from all sides despite being a prominent figure in the comics, and Captain America's main love interest. Known for being Captain America's Second Love, she's not only hated for getting between the Ho Yay Steve/Bucky and Steve/Tony shipping, but also gets flack from the ardent Steve/Peggy shippers.
    • Aunt May Parker is often killed in fics so that Peter Parker can be adopted by Tony and Pepper (or Bruce, or Steve). An odd variant since it's killing off someone who gets in the way of a platonic relationship rather than a romantic one (except of course for the fics where Tony and Peter's relationship is romantic...).
  • Amber Sweet from Repo! The Genetic Opera gets this from many Shilo/Graverobber shippers. Granted, she's hardly a good person, but what the fangirls tend to forget is that Graverobber is only slightly better.
  • Sky High (2005) fandom is small and pretty much dead, but it had a bit of this in its heyday, usually going after either Gwen or Will. Gwen was typically bashed for being "too girly" to justify Will/Layla (interestingly, the fact that she ended up betraying everyone rarely gets brought up here, nor does Lash doing the same thing stop him from having an armada of fangirls), when Will himself isn't torn into for being "bland" or falling victim to speculation that he'd be a neglectful boyfriend to Layla, in favor of Warren/Layla.
  • Disney sequels are already mostly despised for pretty legitimate reasons, but there's one sequel that really takes it too far, according to most fans. Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World has the audacity to break up the Official Couple of Pocahontas x John Smith and make the protagonist fall in love with John Rolfe instead! It's only logical that Disney would fans have this kind of reaction, and most refuse to acknowledge the existence of the sequel in the first place.note 
  • Fanfics of Kick-Ass often vilify Dave's actual love interest and all around Nice Girl Katie and make her more like her comics counterpart, who was genuinely a bitch. They tend to make her a cheater, or a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, in order to facilitate the Dave/Mindy ship. It does not help that in the film's sequel, Katie Took a Level in Jerkass and revealed she really was a bitch all along, who was cheating on Dave between the movies. This effectively made all of the fandom's vilifying canon.
  • The Matrix: Persephone got some of this back in the day by certain Neo/Trinity shippers due to the whole 'kiss' thing (bare in mind, Persephone told Neo to imagine he was kissing Trinity rather than Persephone herself).
  • The Secret Garden 1987: The 1987 film has a bit of this outside of the story. Since the film makers made it so Colin and Mary aren't related, they had to get rid of Dickon. The only way to do that was to kill him.
    • The sequel to the 1987 version Back to The Secret Garden also does this when Dickon gets a fair bit of mention from Martha and Mary as he died in the war before the end of the last film resulting in Mary and Colin ending up married.
    • Speaking of Back to The Secret Garden, Lizzie Buscana is a Heartwarming Orphan who travels to Misselthwaite Manor from America at Lady Mary Craven's request to take the place of one of the orphan's now living at the manor in desperate need of surgery at an American hospital. When Lizzie arrives she quickly gains two Love Interests in the form of Robert and Steven, orphans who now live and go to school at Misselthwaite Manor.
    • Ship Tease ensues, particularly between Lizzie and Robert the Belligerent Sexual Tension becomes more obvious over time to the point where Everyone Can See It.
    • Lizzie's new friend Geraldine, a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who later turns out to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, actually spurs on the plot by encouraging Steven to take the blame for Lizzie when she steals her Orphan's Plot Trinket, the key to the Secret Garden, from Martha Sowerby's desk drawer.
    • Lizzie and Robert become an Official Couple during their Fetch Quest to find the original door to the Secret Garden which was replaced when Martha Sowerby was unable to find it after Mary left for America with Colin.
  • The Secret Garden (1993): The 1993 version gives Dickon a Happy Ending, although the Ship Tease between Mary and Dickon and Mary and Colin gets a more Ambiguous Ending.
  • Mona from Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas gets a lot of hate from A Goofy Movie fans for having the nerve to be Max's current girlfriend. Nevermind it's been years since Max was a high schooler, and Roxanne wasn't even present in An Extremely Goofy Movie so they could have broken up due to college or even beforehand, and thus it's not abnormal for Max to have dated more than one person. There's even dubiousness about where the movie is even canon to the Goof Troop-verse.
  • Star Wars
  • Re-Animator. One would hope that a character dying tragically at the end of the film would spare her from the rampant character derailment generally associated with this trope. One, sadly, would be wrong. Tip for becoming unreasonably intoxicated in a very short amount of time while reading Re-Animator fanfiction: Take a sip every time Meg and Dan are referred to as "friends" (in the movie they were engaged and had sex on screen), a swig every time Meg is characterized as bitchy and shallow (in canon she is sweet and supportive of Dan, but immediately finds Herbert creepy which isn't understandable at all) or unreasonably jealous of Dan's friendship/blossoming relationship with Herbert (even though in the movie and especially it's sequels, Herbert is the one that acts overtly jealous), drain your glass every time a fanfic writer manages to kill her off in a way even more brutal than her canon death. Do not get in the way of the Ho Yay, ladies, even if you pay for it with your life the fanfic writers won't let you rest in peace.


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