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People not thinking things through in webcomics.

  • 8-Bit Theater: During their battle with the Lich King, the Light Warriors manage to remove his soul from the earth orb—and then realize they have to get it back in him.
    Red Mage: In other words, we've only succeeded in making the invincible king of death even angrier at us.
    Thief: Y'know, I really hadn't planned this far ahead in the scenario. I presumed we were going to be dead about five minutes ago.
  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja:
    • Dr. McNinja realizes only after the fact that someone on a murder spree for unknown reasons just contacted him to make a particular substance and he proceeded to make exactly what she was asking for and give it to her.
    • Concatenated example, as that, in turn, was just the excuse his brain came up with to turn against the person in question who he approached without any kind of protection... to deliver a medicine made to prevent her from releasing chemicals that made everybody who gets near her want to kill her.
  • Bowsette Saga: Jugem says he bred Chain Chomps to get rid of a rat infestation, but didn't anticipate that now he would have to deal with the much more dangerous Chain Chomps.
  • In Commander Kitty, Nin Wah tries to turn herself over to the Triple-I by teleporting herself to one of their ships...while CK is busy shooting them down.
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  • Far to the North: Kelu charges up the side of a mountain, without a coat, to vent her Mama Bear rage on the goblin that almost killed her nephew. Only when it appears right behind her does she realize she never figured out what she was going to do when it showed up.
  • Fontes' Rants: Fontes uses the Life Note, a parody of the Death Note, which creates a life form he writes in it, to create an Axe-Crazy Marty Stu character. When he recovers after inevitably being knocked out:
    Fontes: ...I really shouldn't have made him able to summon firearms...
  • Girl Genius got a few examples.
    • Like this guy who neglected to think about why everyone was in an oubliette.
    • Zeetha also got a major one - killing everyone on the pirate base and then blowing it up was all well and good, but it did mean that there wasn't anyone left alive to tell her where her homeland is. She's been wandering around Europa for several years now, trying to find anyone who might have any idea.
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    • Agatha and her friends fought their way across a town that was doubling as a war zone to reach a tower that was tall enough to be able to blast the Castle with enough lightning to recharge it. Along the way, she rebuilds - with improvements - the lightning generator, so that it will be even stronger for when she needs to use it. She decides that destroying all the enemies that stand in the way between her and the observation tower would be a good trial run. She's improved it so much that it destroys the tower that they were trying to get to in the first place.
    • Krosp's creator was intending him to be the Emperor of All Cats, and to use this authority to create a cat spy network that could infiltrate anywhere. Turns out, regular cats just aren't smart enough to be spies. The uplifted bear army he also created to serve Krosp works out a lot better, making this a possible subversion, depending on whether that was the plan all along or just a very good recovery.
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Referenced but averted by discussing the plan before trying it, allowing someone else to point out the flaw ahead of time.
      Female Immortal: I hate being invisible and intangible; it feels like cheating.
      Male Immortal: We can't exactly claim to be "everyday students" and expect to pass unnoticed in Elliot's house.
      Female Immortal: We could pretend to be burglars! That would make sense, right?
      Male Immortal: ...I don't think you've thought this through...
    • Abraham. Almost everything he ever did and we know about, starting from an enchantment Gone Horribly Wrong for which he became infamous. He (among other things) swore to destroy every creature created by his botched enchantment, the Dewitchery Diamond, on the assumption that the Diamond would be used against curses, thus creating monsters. He hadn't accounted for the Diamond being used to rid people of harmless conditions, like Elliot's Gender Bender problem, and so ends up compelled by his oath to kill Ellen, who is hardly a monster (even when she tries).
    • Abraham also claims to Raven that he tried everything he could to destroy the Diamond. Right away, Raven suggests he throw it in a volcano, and Abraham's reaction shows that he clearly didn't try everything.
    • When Tedd proclaims the use of his Battle Mode Gauntlet and finds an entity he might be overpowered by, and is utterly unprepared to face.
      Tedd: Oh man I did not think this through.
      Tedd: Just to, ah, clarify, "battle mode"? Just the name of the setting. It doesn't necessarily imply that I want to—
    • The Emissary of Magic. While you could argue that trying to communicate through Grace's dreams (if you didn't know, it's really hard to remember dreams even if you're actively trying to) was on orders from The Will Of Magic, his reaction to Pandora's entry was entirely his own doing. The first thing he does is threaten her. The first thing he should have done was ask her why she was there. Lampshaded in The Rant:
    Imagine if it had worked. "She's gone! VICTORY IS MINE! And I have no idea why she was here in the first place! Or if she'll come back! Or if maybe her intentions were as noble as I believe mine! Or... Huh."
  • The first story arc of The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! climaxes with Bob volunteering to save Ahem by fighting a monster. He reassures Voluptua: "Trust me, I know what I'm doing!" The monster appears, and it's a horrific thing with mandibles bigger than his whole body, and he realizes suddenly, "No I don't!"
  • In Maliki, as Fang and Electro are bored, Maliki hands them a magnet to play with. She realizes a second too late that letting Electro hold a magnet is a pretty bad idea, since she literally electrifies everything she touches.
  • In Ménage à 3, during a Girls' Night Out, Zii notices that every man in the bar is buying DiDi drinks, and decides to intercept them. Problem is that she does so by drinking them down herself—not the best move, especially considering that DiDi has at least 50 pounds on her.
  • In the Oglaf story "Chronotherapy", a wizard agrees to go back in time and avert a deadly plague before it's even got started. He is successful; so successful that the people who hired him to do it, although well-intentioned, don't believe he did it.
    Wizard: [suddenly appearing] I have reached through time itself to cure the plague before it has even got started. The thousands who fell to its taint now live, as if it never was.
    Queen: Sorry, what plague is this?
    Wizard: I...fuck. Shit. ...There was a plague and you were going to give me a reward if I could cure it.
    Queen: Well... I don't really...
    Wizard: [crestfallen] No, that's fine. I wouldn't believe me either.
    Queen: What was the reward?
    Wizard: [Facepalm] Marriage to the princess and a dukedom.
    Queen: Well, that's not possible. But I can arrange for a handjob and a hot meal if you like.
    Wizard: That'd be great, thanks.
  • Belkar in this appropriately-titled The Order of the Stick strip. He's spent a lot of time trying to goad the Knight Templar paladin Miko to kill him, as doing so would make her Fall from paladinhood. He assumed that his teammates would resurrect him afterwards. V then points out that the Raise Dead spell requires 5,000 GP of diamonds to work- diamonds that they don't actually have.
  • In Questionable Content, Angus, Marigold, and Faye get drunk together. Faye asks Marigold if she has ever dated anyone (she hasn't). She says that she think she has a chance with someone and looks at Angus as he returns to the couch. Faye, feeling incredibly awkward, walks out and goes home. Thing is, Angus likes Faye (which Faye knows) and Faye may like Angus. Angus doesn't like Marigold like that, but she left them together drunk and alone. When Dora points out the obvious, Faye has the appropriate reaction.
  • In Schlock Mercenary, the UNS tries to use a court case to trick a nearly-all-powerful AI into admitting that he has been performing morally-questionable actions (specifically, "disappearing" problematic people).
    Kerchak: And then what?
    Breya: I...haven't thought that far ahead.
    Kerchak: I'll bet you a bushel of pureed bananas he has.
  • An early strip of Sluggy Freelance starts off with Riff and Torg talking about how Zoe has a date with this guy she has a huge crush on. Riff then mentions that he is going to visit his ex-girlfriend Gwynn at her apartment, which she shares with Zoe. Torg is surprised that Riff going to see her alone like that. Riff insists that they're not alone, that Zoe will be which point he realizes that even though he was aware of both of these pieces of information he only just now realized that they were related.
  • Spinnerette has two groups trying to clone Adolf Hitler and Robert E. Lee so they can lead their respective people again. Dr. Universe, the scientist who promised to do the cloning, only did so because he knew the plan would fail because nobody would follow a clone of Adolf Hitler or Robert E. Lee.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent:
    • After hiding in a crate of tuna cans to smuggle himself to a place in which he was hoping to have a vacation of sorts, Reynir starts wondering if someone is going to need the tuna cans he took out of the crate to be able to fit in it. He honestly should also be wondering if the crate is actually going to his intended vacation spot. Mostly because unbeknownst to him, the ship he's riding has been blackmailed into making a detour to deliver food to an underfunded crew exploring a Death World Forbidden Zone.
    • In a following chapter, a bunch of deer run through the book salvaging spot Sigrun and Emil are visiting. Sigrun keeps Emil from shooting them because they are healthy and only zombie animals need to be shot on sight, so they just let the deer go by and enjoy the show. Right after the last deer leaves, Sigrun realizes it would actually have been a good idea to let Emil shoot one of them so they'd have extra food.
  • From Super Stupor, this strip, after Punchline explains why The Anarch's plan is really just Suicide by Superhero:
    The Anarch: I may have made a slight error in my calculations.
    Punchline: When you were adding up the numbers, did you remember to carry the stupid?
    The Anarch: Yes!... no.
  • The Whiteboard: In this strip, Sandy reveals that she is having automobile issues. Doc promptly responds. Sandy promptly facepalms and lampshades this trope.
  • Webcomic/webgame Wicked Awesome Adventure points out how often this befalls adventurers in the course of escape and exploration.
    • J.E.T. enlists the help of a wounded and unwilling Candimp to disarm a trap.
    • Rhys solves a puzzle to access a new area of the Haunted House for exploration—opening a trap door, too.
  • In The Wotch, the Uricarn Demon killed all the other members of his species. He didn't think it through.
    Uricarn: I enjoy being your bit of controlled chaos. Beats just wandering aimlessly finding cheap thrills like I was doing after exterminating the rest of my kind...which was kinda stupid in retrospect. Probably should have let myself grow up a bit before making that decision...*


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